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Lots to review today! :)

Supergirl 1x12

Poor Bizarro Supergirl! It wasn't her fault what she became. She was a Jane Doe who once had a life. And what about those six women who came before her? Maxwell Lord is an evil man.

Kara, never date the boss's kid! Ugh, Cat hasn't seen her son in years and doesn't know Adam from, well, Adam and takes it out on Kara? Oh. well, at least Kara got a spiced pumpkin latte with cream and a sprinkling of cinnamon out of the deal.

The Flash 2x12

History repeating itself with Wells' betrayal.

Ugh, Iris, being a nag is going to get you and Joe closer to Wally? Well, she sure can break up a dinner early. She did the same when Ray hosted a dinner for their friends.

Agent Carter 2x4

Zero matter is very creepy.

Some interesting flashbacks of Peggy's past. Heartbreaking scene when the soldiers arrived to break the sad news about her brother.

Arrow 4x12

Interesting twist about Felicity's father.

Y'know, Ollie, it really IS getting old that you blame yourself for EVERYTHING! Lighten up!

It was pure pleasure to see Roy back. Unfortunately, he isn't staying! Argh! But I loved seeing the original Speedy in action again. :)

Poor Thea. She didn't ask to be dipped into the Lazarus Pit, though I had wondered this before, why didn't they just ask John Constantine to cure her, too?

Very cool to see Nyssa again. What a choice she gives Ollie next week!

Legends Of Tomorrow 1x3

Ugh, how sick was it to see Carter's body used the way it was by Vandal Savage and his creeps?

Good try, Leonard, but some people just can't take a break and run with it.


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Feb. 5th, 2016 10:29 pm (UTC)
So far only seen Supergirl and The Flash, so excited for the crossover, will definitely catch up on LoT and hopefully all (except the Flarrow Crossover Episode) of Season 4 Arrow.

Feb. 6th, 2016 12:01 am (UTC)
Some good stuff there. Enjoy! :)
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