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(Reviews) Supergirl 1x11; The Flash 2x11; Agent Carter 2x3; Arrow 4x11, Legends Of Tomorrow 1x2

Quite a few to review this week! I did miss The Flash due to going out to the movies, so will catch up with that later.

Supergirl 1x11

So, J’onn faced a White Martian? Interesting. The scene in which he tells what happened to his wife and daughters was heartbreaking.

More sisterly bonding. I do like those little scenes. Domestic tranquility scenes always does it for me.

Agent Carter 2x3

The episode moved the plot along, and I liked seeing Howard bring in the ladies to the gentlemen-only club, but on the whole not a memorable episode. Whitney is creepy and I wonder how long it’ll be before someone discovers what’s up with her.

Arrow 4x11

So Felicity is officially Oracle now. What else can they steal from the Bat-mythos?

I did like the Andy Diggle subplot but not sure if I’d trust this guy so completely. I know John wants to, but…

Amanda Waller went out the way she wanted to, I’d bet. She sure wouldn’t have shed a tear over anyone else getting killed.

Legends Of Tomorrow 1x2

Poor Carter! But a character who has been reincarnated dozens of times will be back. Besides, it’s comics. No one stays dead!

Captain Cold doesn’t like one of his crew shot dead. Nice tough guy reason for lamenting Carter’s death. Even Heatwave seemed affected by Kendra’s grief.

Whoa, Professor Stein! He was into the ‘70s vibe in his younger days, wasn’t he? And Sara looked hot in that white fur coat and go-go boots!

Ray, could they make you any dumber? I hope his goofs this early will serve to show how much he learns about being a superhero and by the end of the series, we see a much more savvy, confident Ray Palmer.

Rip, is this crew mucking about with time really a good idea? Once you screw up something and then try to fix it, two other wrongs pop up!

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