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AFC Championship: Denver Broncos 20, New England Patriots 18 (1-1) (Sunday, January 24, 2016)

AFC Championship: Denver Broncos 20, New England Patriots 18 (1-1) (Sunday, January 24, 2016)

I’d had a bad feeling about this game. Denver is not a good place for the Patriots. They let the No. 1 seed just slide out of their hands! Their O-line has been dreadful all season. They took the ball after winning the coin toss instead of deferring! All bad omens, IMO.

Everyone played like crap. With the ferocious Denver pass rush, Brady had no time to release the ball to Edelman and Gronk. He was hit the most of any quarterback in this NFL season: 4 sacks and 23 hits! It’s a miracle he kept getting up. And when he did have a few extra seconds, he made bad decisions. He did show his old self at the end on the game with an incredible throw to Gronk, who made a great catch, but they needed a two-point conversion due to Gostowski missing an extra point, his first in nine years!

The receivers were blanketed by Denver DBs, and they had no running game. The defense did match Denver in the second half but let up two blown coverages resulting in TDs in the first half.

The offensive line was the worst, giving impressions of turnstiles as the Broncos pass rushers had their way all day.

Coaching was bad. Odd decisions (taking the ball to start when they ALWAYS defer?), no adjustments, terrible playcalling.

Maybe it’s a good thing the Pats aren’t going to the Super Bowl, because they would probably lose!

It was a bitter disappointment, though, as this was supposed to be the fitting end to the Revenge Tour after the hell the NFL put Tom and the Patriots through in the off-season. They stole two draft picks from them, including a first-rounder, for NOTHING! NOTHING was proven! And yet Peyton Manning skates on allegations of HGH use. Now the media are yapping about Manning as better than Brady, despite the fact that his playoff record isn't good and Tom has 4 rings to his 1.

If the Patriots had taken care of business in the final game of the season against Miami, they would have had home field advantage. It was a HUGE mistake to let that get away, because the odds are good that without the noise on the road, the Pats offense would have had a much better chance against the pass rush. *shakes head*

Oh, yeah, the Patriots' Tablets went out during the game. Can you imagine if that had happened to the Broncos in Foxboro? The Patriots didn't cry about it or call the Broncos cheaters.

It would have been sweet to see Tom raise the Lombardi Trophy after Goodell had to hand it to him on the victory podium. Scumbag Goodell skates again.
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