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(Review) Supergirl 1x10; The Flash 2x10; Agent Carter 2x1x2; Arrow 4x10; Legends Of Tomorrow 1x1

Plenty to review this week, including a new show! :)

Supergirl 1x10

A good story showing how the loved ones of supervillains are affected. Must be very hard for poor Winn to see his father like this, especially since he said they were close before his father lost his mind.

So Lucy is going to work at Catco? And this gives Jimmy the signal to get out from behind his desk and go out on the street again?

I liked the final scene with Kara and Alex kicking back, watching Game Of Thrones and eating pizza. Though Kara probably should have switched from her work clothes, especially since Max Lord is spying on Alex! Now he knows Kara’s secret! Dum-da-dum!

The Flash 2x10

Glad to see Patty got the milder form of the ‘Cartwright Curse’: instead of being killed off she’s merely going ‘back East’. ;)

Slow beginnings, but maybe Wally will connect with his new family. And, um, Wally? The reason your father wasn’t around while you were growing up? Your mother never told him you existed!

Agent Carter 2x1x2

Very cool to see Peggy in California. Man, has Daniel blossomed or what? Hubba hubba! ;) I did like seeing his nurse girlfriend, though I’m sure part of it was seeing a nurse in a cap and starched whites instead of scrubs. :)

So the alien substance ties into Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D! Interesting.

I’m sure Jason Wilkes will be back. And it could be an interesting romance if he does, because for the most part the interracial aspect was glossed over with the exception of the scene at the diner.

Loved Jarvis and Ana! And Howard’s ‘emergency’ preparations for thirst in his new car? Oh, Howard! Tony sure gets his debauchery from you!

I love Peggy's appreciation of accessories! ;)

I’m sure we’ll see more of Dottie Underwood. She’s creepy but a good opponent for Peggy, for whom she seems to have a thing! “Love the hat.” ;)

Arrow 4x10

So Felicity is Oracle now? Why, they really are stealing every Bat-trope in the book, aren’t they?

I can’t say that the episode was outstanding in any way. If Ray came back and made some kind of exo-skeleton or other scientific thing to allow Felicity to walk, it would be interesting, but he’s busy time-traveling now. I don’t know where Arrow lost its way, unless it was when they made Smallville’s mistake and started elevating Felicity to Mary Sue status like Chloe.

Legends Of Tomorrow 1x1

Pretty good pilot. I’ll stick around to see how it goes as I love time travel. Like a lot of people, I question why Captain Cold and Heatwave are on the team? I do like Leonard Snart. He’s a villain who has some sense of honor, warning Barry when the bad guy was coming for him after Barry had saved his sister. I like his character but a psychopathic killer (Heatwave)? Pass.

I do like Ray and Sara and the other characters aren’t terrible, but I’m not sure I’ll be watching this show faithfully. We’ll see how it goes.

Sara’s new costume is pretty ugly. I liked the ‘70s visit but the bar fight was kind of stupid. And Doc Stein slipping his partner a roofie? Whoops! Not cool, Doc.

I’ve seen some wisenheimers boo hoo over Ray feeling that being a billionaire wasn’t enough, but he’s talking about connecting with people. When he was dead, no one cared (except Felicity). All that he’d accumulated was pretty much worthless in the end. Believe me, I’m no fan of billionaires (only the fictional ones, and only if they’re not unbearable), but I can see Ray’s reasoning. Rich doesn’t guarantee making a difference.

As a hard-core comics fan, I can enjoy a lot of comics TV shows and movies. I just wonder when the saturation point hits the general public. Westerns used to be all over the TV schedule and packed the movie houses, and now they’re scarcer than female cowhands. The ‘60s saw an explosion of spy shows and movies, and now it’s more S.H.I.E.L.D.-type stuff rather than traditional Cold War spying.
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