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Just doing some thinking (Yes, I know, dangerous) while sitting here under my quilt at the keyboard and mentally preparing for tomorrow's Pats' game (Will they play the 3-4 or 4-3 defense? Will they start out with 5 wides as the receiver set? Zone or man coverage as the premier defense? Or mix everything up like usual?) and my thoughts skittered off to writing.

I love to write. I had serious Muse issues for a couple of years and seem to be back. I find that my methods of writing are still the same. Like the Pats, I mix it up. :)

When I wrote the "Announcement" pieces, I had a definite idea of what I wanted and wrote them quickly. "Rain" was fairly easy as I thought of the scenario first. "Time And Place" seemed to simply flow out of me, the four different chapters pretty much written before I started applying pen to paper. "The Age Of Heroes" was the same. A fit of melancholia got that one started. All required revision, of course, but the basic meat of the stories were laid out like a banquet.

Now I'm working on the harder stuff: a WWW sequel from last year which will probably take me until the deadline of Labor Day, a lighter S/B piece that is going slowly but is satisfactory ("Epicurean Indulgences"), a romantic S/B piece as answer to the Heart Of Ice challenge on WF which started out one way and then is being revised by me (not by the characters for a change!) in a different direction. The scenes that don't fit anymore are being set aside for future fic. There's the Long S/B AU Series that I'm still plotting out, and the basic premise is there but a lot needs to be filled in first. And there's more to explore in stories starring Dick Grayson with either Bruce or Clark. BTW, all 18+ for our favorite Robin.

I guess it's easy to say that I do it all different ways: outline, complete story that just needs to be written, idea that I simply start writing and see where it goes, and changes to make a totally different story. Writing is pretty fascinating, isn't it? Fun sometimes, frustrating others, but always interesting! :)

Sigh. And now after reading Jen's "More", maybe I should crumple up my sex pollen fic notes!
Tags: bruce wayne, clark kent, dick grayson, new england patriots, robin, superman/batman, writing
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