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Fic: The Case Of The Hammelburg Strangler (1/12)

Title: The Case Of The Hammelburg Strangler (1/12)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Robert Hogan, James Ivan Kinchloe, Louis LeBeau, Peter Newkirk, Andrew Carter, Hans Shultz, Helga Heidel, Wilhelm Klink
Fandom: Hogan’s Heroes
Genres: Angst, Drama, Mystery
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: Major character deaths; Descriptions of strangulations
Spoilers: None
Summary: Hogan and his men encounter the Hammelburg Strangler.
Chapter Summary: The Heroes plan their next operation after receiving disturbing news.
Date Of Completion: December 28, 2014
Date Of Posting: December 20, 2015
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, Paramount does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 874
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: This one took me awhile as I hit a major logjam so it lay untouched in my notebook for 11 months until the Muses cooperated. Please heed the warnings!
All chapters can be found here.



“Business as usual is still business.”

Harold Fordham
American Magnate
1922 C.E.

“I don’t believe it,” Hogan said. He felt numb.

“I know. I couldn’t believe it, either,” said Kinch. He removed his headphones.

“Alicia’s dead.”

Kinch nodded. “Found in her apartment.”

“Was it the filthy Gestapo?” LeBeau spat.

“Doubtful.” Kinch looked down at the pad he used for messages. Water trickled somewhere in the tunnel. “Karl thinks it was the Hammelburg Strangler.”

& & & & & &

Sometime later, upstairs in the main room of the barracks, the men discussed the bizarre situation. Newkirk asked, “Is Karl sure is was the Strangler?”

Kinch shrugged. “As sure as he can be. She was dead of strangulation, which could’ve been a jealous boyfriend or something like that, but Karl says the police think it’s the Strangler.”

“Good thing we’ve got an Underground man on the civilian police force,” Carter remarked as he sharpened a pencil with a penknife.

“The Gestapo doesn’t care about non-political murders.” Hogan propped his leg up on a chair as he leaned forward. “As unfortunate as it is to lose Alicia, it’s doubtful our operation is in jeopardy.” He looked tired. “Sorry to sound so callous.”

“We understand, Colonel,” Newkirk said, lighting a cigarette.

“How many victims have there been?” LeBeau asked as he stirred a pot of stew on the stove.

“Three in the last two months,” Kinch answered.

“Yikes,” Carter said as he paused in his task. A tiny little pile of shavings littered the wooden table. “I bet they’re nervous in town.”

“Same type of woman?” asked Newkirk.

“Yeah.” Kinch sipped his coffee. “All blond, early-to-mid-twenties, and extremely pretty.”

“The usual type.” Newkirk squinted as he blew out a ring of smoke.

“Yeah.” Hogan sighed. “Well, Karl will take care of things on his end. We have to plan our next operation.”

& & & & & &

Hogan sauntered across the compound. “Hi, Schultz, is Ol’ Blood-And-Guts in?”

The rotund guard chuckled. “No, he’s still asleep.”

“At this hour?” Hogan checked his watch.

“When you spend the night romancing a handsome widow, you do not get up when the cock crows.”

“Hmph. Who’s the widow?” Hogan fell into step with Schultz as the guard walked across the compound.

“Frau Schindler. She is the new owner of Hilda’s Hofbrau. She has the name Hilda, too.”

“Good business. Well, at least he isn’t spending the night dancing with Lily Frankel.”

“She disappeared last year.” Schultz leaned forward conspiratorially. “Do you think Klink drove her to defect?”

Hogan smirked. “Either that or Hochstetter stepping on her toes did it.”

Schultz laughed. “Ja. Now, Colonel, what is your business with the Kommandant?”

“Oh, just heard that a big shot was coming and wanted to offer LeBeau’s services.”

“Uh huh. Check back later. The Kommandant should be up by lunchtime.”

“Boy, the life of Riley.”


“Sorry, Schmidt?” Hogan laughed as he joined his men by the barracks. Newkirk and Kinch were tossing a baseball back and forth.

“Wot, Klink ain’t receivin’ this mornin’?” Newkirk deftly caught the ball in his catcher’s mitt and tossed it back to Kinch.

“He’s still asleep.”

“Huh, the Life of Freneau,” LeBeau huffed.

“Got a new Lily Frankel on the ‘ook?” Newkirk cracked.

“No, Frau Schindler of the Hofbrau. Seems Klink is sweet on the new owner.”

“Frau? She’s married?” Carter did some stretching exercises.


“I will need to get into town for ingredients for that fancy dinner you want me to cook for,” LeBeau reminded Hogan.

“No worries. I can handle Klink.” Hogan caught the ball and threw it back to Kinch.

& & & & & &

“Is Mr. Big in?” Hogan asked Helga as he breezed into the outer office.

The pretty German woman smiled. “Yes, he is.”

“Thank you.”

Hogan walked in unannounced. “Good morning, Kommandant.”

Klink knew that was a verbal jab as it was now one o’clock but was feeling too good to care. “What do you want on this fine day, Colonel Hogan?”

“Well, sir, I’m here to offer the services of Corporal LeBeau for that dinner you’re planning.”

“How very generous of you, Colonel.”

Hogan smirked. He knew that Klink knew he wanted something in return. “How about two extra sheets of writing paper per man, an extra hour of electricity and white bread for a week?”

“One sheet of extra writing paper, a half-hour of electricity, and no white bread.”

“Writing paper, forty-five minutes of electricity, and four days of white bread.”

“Done!” Klink slapped the ledger he was working on. “And you may have permission for LeBeau to shop for ingredients in town. Schultz will accompany him.”

“Thank you, Kommandant.” Hogan saluted and left the office.

He winked at Helga on his way out and stood on the small porch for a minute.

Well, that was easy. I’ve got Klink trained right. Better get things in motion so that LeBeau can get the documents to the Underground.

The paratrooper who had been brought into camp had delivered important documents from London for the Underground. He had been smuggled out in Schnitzer’s dog truck two nights ago and now it was up to Hogan and his men to complete the mission. LeBeau going to town would be the easiest way.

Hogan whistled jauntily as he headed for Barracks 2.

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