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Week 15: New England Patriots 33, Tennessee Titans 16 (12-2) (Sunday, December 20, 2015)

Week 15: New England Patriots 33, Tennessee Titans 16 (12-2) (Sunday, December 20, 2015)

The Patriots didn't have a nail-biter this week. Whew! They pretty much handled things throughout the whole game with a few hiccups, but Tennessee isn't much of an opponent. Still, after the debacle against the crappy Eagles two weeks ago, never take a team for granted! So the Pats did put up points and the defense snatched INTs and put on the pressure against the Titans, who lost their starting quarterback in the first quarter. Our guy Dont'a Hightower re-injured himself, which isn't that great. We also lost Patrick Chung. Too soon to tell if they'll be out any significant time.

It'll be a tough one against the Jets in New York next week!

The Pats play on the road for these last two games of the regular season because their home stadium has to be prepared for the outdoor hockey game played on New Year's Day. Go, Bruins! :)

The Jets won, the Bills lost, and the Dolphins are playing in San Diego so no final score on them yet.

AFC East Division

New England 12-2
NYJ 9-5
Buffalo 6-8
Miami 5-8 (Game In Progress)
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