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Spinning A Picture

Well, sometimes I'm off-line for a few days at a time for various reasons, but my absence the past few days is due to the fact that a few nights ago, I wake up and find the world spinning! I literally had to hang onto the walls (beat crawling) to get to the bathroom. It was a nasty inner ear infection. I've had ear infections since I was a kid, but this one was scary! So I had to take it easy (even now I'm hoping I don't fall out of the chair) but I can at least walk down the stairs now. I've had a fever the last few days and I still have it, but it's down from a few days ago. So I am able to open my eyes without the room taking a spin! :)

On a side note, mention was made on sports talk radio this morning of the gay following Tom Brady has. No wonder, with those looks! :) Anyway, they mentioned sites like gushing over the sexy boy. There's also a song going around that is sung by a guy and sounds very gay! And by gay I mean gay, not lame or bad or any of the other negative connotations the latest generation has tagged 'gay' with for meaning.

I have no idea if Tom likes or dislikes gays. Football players do tend toward the homophobic, but I don't get the sense from Tom that he is uncomfortable or homophobic. Maybe someday he'll come out with some anti-gay comment, but until then, I'll go with him thinking the whole gay adoration thing is fine, funny, or both. :)
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