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May The Force Be With You!!! :)

Yes, my friends, the Force is with us today! :)

I plan on going to see the movie next week. Too crowded this weekend and showings are all sold out, anyway. I think if it's really good, I may get a creative jump-start to go back to writing Han/Luke fic again. Why when they probably won't be in the new movie very much? The universe of Star Wars will be the inspiration. And who knows? I might find some inspiration in this new film just for itself! But I have a Han/Luke idea I'd like to tackle. It was a story submitted to a zine years ago but the zine never happened. I don't have my original manuscript anymore but the basic essence of the plot is in my head. It could probably do with a rewrite, anyway. :)

Any Han/Luke fans out there?

I thought The Big Bang Theory was hilarious last night. Oh, well, Amy, at least Sheldon isn't saying once every seven years like his idol, Mr. Spock! ;)

Enjoy the day, my friends, and SPOILERS BEHIND A CUT! ;)
Tags: fandom, han solo/luke skywalker, movies, star wars, the big bang theory, tv
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