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(Review) Supergirl 1x8

Supergirl 1x8

Interesting story centered around Cat and her 'outing'. She also showed her smarts by remembering that comment by Kara about overhearing Bad Guy (played by the same actor Peter MaKenzie playing Dre's boss Mr. Stevens on Black-ish).

What kind of game is Astra playing? Does she really care about Kara and the Earth or is it all an elaborate smokescreen? And I always thought that even way back in 1938, when Siegel and Schuster created Superman, that the parallel between Krypton and Earth could come true some day: burying heads in the sand as environmental disaster looms. Of course, in '38, it could have been a metaphor for ignoring the growing threat by the Nazis in Europe and Japan in Asia.

J'onn defeating the Kryptonians in hand-to-hand was pretty cool! :)

So Cat figured out Kara is Supergirl and isn't playing the Perry White/Jim Gordon game of You-May-Not-Be-Quite-Sure-I-Know-But-I-Do-But-I'm-Not-Acknowledging-It.

Painful cliffhanger!
Tags: cat grant, j'onn j'onzz, kara danvers, review, supergirl, the martian manhunter, tv
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