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Week 14: New England Patriots 27, Houston Texans 6 (11-2) (Sunday, December 13, 2015)

Week 14: New England Patriots 27, Houston Texans 6 (11-2) (Sunday, December 13, 2015)

With Gronk back there was a spark to the offense, so they put up 27 points. The O-line was very good in the first half and then Brady got hit a few times in the second half, but much better than what has been going on the last couple of weeks.

The defense really stepped up with a lot of sacks, quarterback hurries and pressures, and interceptions. The Texans' defensive star J.J. Watt was double-teamed all night and rendered ineffective, though other Texans did step up and put on some pressure in the second half. New England players like Rob Ninkovich, Jamie Collins, and Jerod Mayo led the way.

The offense for Houston was pretty feeble. They could not get anything going, and that helped the Pats, of course. This was a road game for New England and a nice bounce-back from that dreadful game against Philly last week in Gillette.

We did lose two important players: Dominique Easley on defense and running back LeGarrette Blount, so hopefully their replacements can step up. Jeez Louise, if the Patriots do make the Super Bowl, it'll be a M*A*S*H* unit!

The Patriots clinched the division and are currently the No. 1 seed for the playoffs, but there's still 3 games to play. Hopefully the seeding will remain the same! :)

Next week is the Tennessee Titans at home, a very bad team, but then, so were the Eagles when we played them, so it's best to keep our guard up!

The Jets won and the Bills and Dolphins lost this week.

AFC East Division

New England 11-2
NYJ 8-5
Buffalo 6-7
Miami 5-8
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