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(Reviews) Supergirl 1x7; The Flash 2x9; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x10; Arrow 4x9

Supergirl 1x7

Interesting story about Kara and her loss of powers. She must have never had a broken bone on Krypton, because you don’t forget what those feel like! Maybe she didn’t experience physical pain much on her home planet, or it’s a distant memory, because she was far older than Kal-El when she left Krypton. She should have experienced some pain!

I did like Cat getting things together and putting out hope instead of negativity like Maxwell Lord chose to do. Cat’s got her moments.

Loved J’onn’s transformation. Sadly, it looks as if Jeremiah is truly dead, but at least the fake Hank Henshaw was not the cause. I really love J’onn and hope to see more of him in action.

The Flash 2x9

As always with superhero stories, a holiday tale has its twisted moments. Mark Hamill was great as the Toyman and I liked Leonard Snart warning Barry but not helping him. That seems in character. Besides, warning him was a big help in itself. He’ll be around again.

Wow, Joe, your new-found son is going to have superheroics in his future, too. :)

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x10

Absorbing episode. It is a head-scratcher as to why Coulson didn’t kill Ward right away, but I suppose he needed him to find Fitz. I am sorry that Will is dead. He deserved to get off that accursed planet and find some happiness. Jemma knew as soon as Fitz looked at her when he got back.

Andrew isn’t dead. What he’s becoming doesn’t die that easily. May is a good second-in-command. Coulson knew that she would make the hard choices, and so did Mac. As for Mac, I thought he might get the Tripp treatment and end up dead, but happily that didn’t happen.

So all the fannish wailing and gnashing of teeth over a Jemma/Will/Fitz triangle was all for naught.

And how did Possessed Ward get through the portal? Didn’t anyone notice that zombified Ward was coming through with Coulson and Fitz?

Glad that Agent Carter will be back for this show’s hiatus. And she and Jarvis will be in Golden Age Hollywood! Very cool! :)

Arrow 4x9

Interesting-but-twisted holiday tale, as I noted in The Flash above. If I was a citizen of Star City I would not go out in public. Better yet, I’d leave town! Even cleaning up the bay makes you a target. Sheesh!

I can't figure Diggle's brother out. Is he regretting his actions or a true believer?

Very creepy plot point about the Nazi-inspired gas chamber and in an episode in which we learn that Felicity and her mother are Jewish. And Felicity is one of the victims in the gas chamber. Poor taste!

So Felicity is shot up? It was inevitable once she and Ollie were happy with their engagement, though I’m still not sure her name’s the one on the headstone. There could still be a twist on that. Besides, nobody ever stays dead, right? Even without a Lazarus Pit, they’ll manage to come back.

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