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Fic: Conqueror (6/9)

Title: Conqueror (6/9)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Clark/Lex, Alexander/Hephaestion, Jonathan/Martha
Genres: Challenge, Drama
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Halloween Challenge Prompt: Lex has a painting/statue that comes to life.
Summary (this chapter): Alexander and Hephaestion visit the Kent farm.
Date Of Completion: October 29, 2007
Dates Of Posting: October 31, 2007/November 6, 2007 
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC and Warner Brothers do, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1244
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: Written for the 2007 old_school_clex  Halloween Challenge. 
Also fits the 2007 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge run by me!  J  Again, I used too many prompts to list, but my Special Prompt is ‘Magic Spell’.
All chapters can be found





The new Metropolis mogul, Alexander Kanakerides, was mysterious (no one had seen him yet) and had already made a splash in the financial markets.


Clark smirked as he rode up the elevator at Lexcorp Towers.  Alexander had borrowed money from Lex, invested it, and had already paid him back.  Whether that was a result of the magical spell or not, Clark didn’t know.  The two Macedonians’ fast absorption of knowledge was spell-enhanced, but they were highly intelligent to begin with.


The doors of the private elevator opened, and the modern office seemed cold and utilitarian.


Then a strong presence walked in from the next room.


“Clark!  Good to see you,” Alexander said.


“Hello, Alexander.” The urge to say ‘Your Majesty’ was strong, but the king had requested the informality.


Alexander shook his hand. “Have a seat.”


Clark settled into a black-and-chrome chair, surprised at how comfortable it was.  Generally he liked old-fashioned furniture, not something that looked like it came from the home of the Jetsons.


“I love the view here.” Alexander swept his hand out behind him.


Clark agreed.  Despite his dislike of heights, it was a beautiful view of the city.


“What can I do for you?” Alexander folded his hands on the desk.


“My parents would like to invite you for dinner.”


Pleased, Alexander said, “We would be delighted.”


Clark knew that he had used the plural ‘you’ and that Alexander understood that.  Hephaestion was included in just about everything.


“I congratulate you on your business success.”


Alexander smiled. “I seem to have a knack for this field of endeavor.” He brushed a lock of golden hair from his eyes. “Conquering the financial world is nearly as perilous as the Ancient World.”


Clark grinned. “You match your namesake.”


Amused, Alexander said, “Lex is definitely a worthy bearer of my name.”


“He’s a good man.”


Alexander cocked his head. “He’s a very good friend of yours.”


Clark nodded.


“That’s good.  A man needs friends,” Alexander said softly.


“Yes.” Clark stood. “I’ll see you and Hephaestion tonight.”


“We will be there.”


& & & & & &


“What does one serve a king?”


“Your cooking is perfect, Mom.”


Martha laughed.  Her simple menu of roast beef, carrots, and potatoes was simmering on the stove, a freshly-baked apple pie cooling on the counter.


“Your dinner is fit for a king,” Jonathan joked as he cut tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet green and red peppers for a salad.




Clark was excited about the impending royal visit.  Despite Alexander’s adaptation into 21st century life, he was still a forceful and regal personality.


Hephaestion was quieter but just as regal.  The mother of the defeated Persian King Darius had mistaken the taller man for Alexander, and the true king had not been insulted.  He had gently told her, “Never mind, Mother, Hephaestion is also Alexander.”


The doorbell rang and Clark answered the door.  Alexander, Hephaestion, and Lex stood on the porch. “Come on in.”


The Macedonians looked around with interest, interested to see how the majority of people lived.  Lex’s castle was not exactly common!


The slightly shabby furniture stood up to scrutiny, Clark thought, and his mother’s knitted afghan tossed across the back of the sofa was bright: a sunflower surrounded by smaller depictions of other flowers.


The living room was a mix of old-fashioned 19th and 20th century features, such as the fireplace and antique clocks that ticked on the mantel and in the corner of the room.  The hooked rug in front of the TV had been made by Jonathan’s mother, and there were knickknacks on the wall shelf that were collected souvenirs of family trips from now and generations ago: the Metropolis Art Museum, the zoo, the Kansas State Fair, the 1939 World’s Fair, Niagara Falls, and the Topeka rodeo.


The kitchen was bright and warm and sunny, and Clark led his guests into that room where the table was set.  Martha had dithered over whether or not to set up the dining table but had decided if the Macedonians wanted to see how a typical family lived, the kitchen was a good start because except for holidays, this is where they ate their meals.


It wasn’t long before both guests charmed their hosts, and they were especially gracious to Martha.  Clark and Lex exchanged grins and were happy to see how well things were going.


“This town of yours…very interesting,” said Alexander. “Lex and Clark seemed unfazed by our…situation.”


Jonathan passed the basket of warm rolls. “You’re right, Alexander.  We have an unusual situation here due to the meteor shower of nearly sixteen years ago.”


“So these…meteor freaks…cause havoc in your town?”


“They do, but not all the time,” Martha said.


Alexander looked thoughtful as he ate his roast beef.


“Outstanding meal, Mrs. Kent,” said Hephaestion.


“Thank you, Hephaestion.” Martha beamed at the compliment.


“Yes, let me add my compliments to that,” Alexander said.


The warm family atmosphere was just what Clark had been hoping to show to his visitors.  Lex already was familiar with the happy lives that were led here, and Clark was determined to keep bringing him into it.  Even his father was gradually softening his attitude toward Lex.


Maybe he should be embarrassed by wanting this domesticity, but he wasn’t.


& & & & & &


After dinner, Clark insisted that he would do the dishes while everyone moved to the living room.  Lex stayed behind and helped him, their quiet companionship exactly what Clark wanted and needed.


He thought that this epitomized Lex: a man comfortable hobnobbing with the rich and famous, and yet just as happy to wash dishes in the kitchen of a modest farmhouse.  Clark felt a surge of affection for the man beside him, and Lex lifted a soapy plate out of the sink.


“You really need to get that dishwasher fixed, Clark.”


Clark grinned. “I know.” He took the clean plate from Lex and dried it, setting it in the drain rack. “Dad’s going to look at it tomorrow.  Figures it’d conk out on us on the night of a dinner party.”  


“That’s okay.  Washing dishes keeps me humble.”


Clark laughed. “You’re about as humble as the king, Lex.”


Lex’s eyes sparkled. “Maybe.”


They finished washing and drying the dishes and joined the others in the living room.


“Television is so interesting,” Hephaestion was saying. “You can see all over the world.”


Jonathan nodded. “It can bring people together after a tragedy, like the Kennedy assassination or the Challenger disaster, or let people come together for good things, like an Inauguration or some other happy occasion.”


“Kennedy assassination, yes.  I read about this man, the president of your country.  He was a King of Camelot?”


“Well, he…” Jonathan saw the hazel eyes of the other man twinkle.  He smiled. “He was a king of sorts.”


Martha, Clark and Lex laughed and Alexander looked regal. “Royalty is not extinct.”


“No, it isn’t.”


Clark and Lex had settled on the couch, close together as Alexander and Hephaestion occupied the other half.  Clark could smell the pleasant scent of Lex’s cologne and a faint aroma of the dishwashing liquid they’d used.


As the evening passed pleasantly, Clark felt he could never be happier than being here in this old house, enjoying conversation and banter with his parents, two men who had become friends, and a man who was his best friend.


Living in Smallville could be weird, but could be amazingly normal.        








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