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Week 12: Denver Broncos 30, New England Patriots 24 (OT) (10-1) (Sunday, November 29, 2015)

Week 12: Denver Broncos 30, New England Patriots 24 (OT) (10-1) (Sunday, November 29, 2015)


So endeth the perfect season.

It was frustrating, to be sure. More injuries: Dont'a Hightower on defense, Gronk on offense. Who the heck is Brady going to throw to? We're getting down to scrubbini level here.

The officiating. It's been a topic locally and nationally. This season has been filled with examples of officials throwing game-changing flags, affecting the outcomes of said games. The Pats nearly got victimized last week with the 'inadvertent whistle'. This week were egregious calls that affected the outcome of this game. It's happened to many NFL teams this season, and it was unfortunately the Pats' turn this week.

The war of attrition continues. The offense sputters because the quick, elusive guys are gone. The defense is beginning to lose guys. Tom Brady ought to be MVP just because he is carrying this team on his back with a lot of third-and-fourth-stringers playing as starters now. No running game because the offensive line can't block and the running backs aren't Dion Lewis. No receivers and tight ends. Less linebackers and cornerbacks. SEVEN OUT OF NINE top players are out or done for the season. Jeez Louise, if this team does make it to the Super Bowl and win, it'll be the greatest victory of all time.

The Patriots lose their first game in overtime. They still had the chance to win it, a tribute to Tom Brady and the gumption of the near-scrubbinis.

The Dolphins and Bills lost and the Jets won.

AFC East Division

New England 10-1
NYJ 6-5
Buffalo 5-6
Miami 4-7
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