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Who Wanted JFK Dead, Who Had Opportunity, And Who Had The Means To Cover It Up?

Yesterday I posted Was Oswald The Lone Assassin? in observance of the 52nd anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.

So today:

Who Wanted JFK Dead, Who Had Opportunity, And Who Had The Means To Cover It Up?

The Mafia claimed to have helped Kennedy get elected. They considered it a double-cross when his brother Robert went after them with the Justice Department.

The anti-Castro Cubans blamed Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs debacle in April of 1961. JFK had inherited the operation from Ike and was too new to feel comfortable aborting the operation. He relied on Alan Dulles (CIA Director) to tell him the truth about the situation. Dulles thought that Kennedy would cave and commit American air support and troops to the invasion. When he didn’t, the operation failed disastrously. Kennedy fired Dulles and never trusted the CIA again, and spoke about breaking it up into a ‘thousand pieces’.

Kennedy did not trust the military, especially after the Cuban Missile Crisis when their advice would have triggered World War III. Badly shaken after that incident, the man who had entered office as a Cold Warrior began exploring détente with Nikita Khrushchev (installing a ‘hot line’ between them, his American University speech in June of ’63 saying we all have to live on this planet, his push for the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which he signed in ’63).

JFK issued a National Security Order that called for the extraction of all Americans from Vietnam by the end of 1965, and starting with 1,000 by the end of 1963. The Americans were ‘advisors’ but JFK had not committed any ground troops and publicly asserted that it was the Vietnamese’s war and they would have to win it (TV interview with Walter Cronkite in November of 1963). He also said that the U.S. could not abandon Vietnam, as critics point out. He could have meant non-military means or covering his real intent: to get out of Southeast Asia. Four days after the assassination, a new NSM order was issued, effectively canceling the previous order. The rest is history, as they say.

JFK issued American money without going through the Federal Reserve. The money was interest-free, unlike the bankers’ Fed issues. The only other President to do this was, ironically, Abraham Lincoln.

Kennedy was going to cut the oil depletion allowance. Texas oilmen would have lost millions.

So take your pick! JFK made a lot of powerful enemies. A popular theory is that the CIA and Texas oilmen decided to get rid of a President going soft on Communism and whacking their gravy train oil allowances, too. The CIA might have been disbanded. Vietnam was no sure thing anymore. And détente with the Soviet Union? Unthinkable! LBJ knew where the bodies were buried, would benefit greatly, and went along. Texas was his home turf, and he persuaded JFK to go there and try and mend fences within the Democratic Party in the state. JFK needed Texas to win in '64. He also was facing a major scandal that would not only keep him off the ticket in ’64, but possibly end up with him in prison, involving an aide, Bobby Baker. It all quietly went away after he became President.

The FBI suppressed, destroyed, and altered evidence. J. Edgar Hoover knew that JFK was going to force him to retire. Instead, his good buddy and Washington neighbor LBJ waived the retirement age rule in his case after he became President. Either the FBI was criminally incompetent or were willing participants in the cover-up. Dallas police were claiming they had the man who killed Kennedy mere hours after the murder, without any fingerprint evidence (which magically appeared after the visit to the funeral home) or any other kind of evidence, either.

The officer Oswald supposedly killed after fleeing the TSBD, J.D. Tippit, was the driver of squad car 10, which was seen by Oswald’s landlady when he left his rooming house after he had left the TSBD. She did not see him get into the car but returned her attention to her TV. Speculation is that Tippit drove Oswald to the movie theater to meet his contact, who, of course, was not there. The conspirators needed a fall guy. Tippit was killed to hush him up, some believe, and Oswald was supposed to be killed at the theater. The Dallas police were told about a suspicious man in the theater and did not go to him directly to arrest him. Instead they went to other patrons and Oswald could have made a run for it (and been shot trying to escape) but didn’t, staying in his seat until a cop came up to him.

Dealey Plaza was ideal for a triangulation of fire (TSBD, Records or Dal-Tex Building, grassy knoll), using CIA and Mafia hitmen. The Mafia was included, because like the operation against Castro, their use would provide the CIA with fall guys if caught. It was a turkey shoot on November 22, 1963.

The Secret Service were either criminally incompetent or involved in the conspiracy. They helped destroy, suppress, and alter evidence, too, just like the FBI.

Did Oswald do it alone? Maybe, but there are so many damned questions and credible witness testimony, much of which was ignored by the Warren Commission, if they called the witnesses at all. They had to tell their stories to reporters and researchers. The Warren Commission fit the evidence to come to a predetermined conclusion: Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin. Oswald could have been a loner with delusions of grandeur. He also could have been working with the CIA, pretending to be pro-Castro, being groomed by veteran CIA agents to take the fall in the future.

As one Klansman told a friend of his, to hit Kennedy, you would do it with a high-powered rifle from an open window and throw the public off with a patsy. He was a suspect in the assassination but, of course, Oswald did it, so no further investigation. Besides, the Klansman was found dead in his apartment in 1974 like many suspects/witnesses. Many died of suicide (one guy committed suicide by aiming a rifle at the back of his head, according to the police report), strange accidents, or sudden heart attacks/illnesses.

The American public did not see the Zapruder film until 1975, except for those who saw grainy bootleg copies on college campuses in the late ‘60s. The film indicated shots from the front, though Kennedy’s thrust backwards is explained as a neuromuscular reaction. But fear not! We still have the official version of the Magic Bullet Theory, a single bullet which went through Kennedy’s neck, emerged from his throat, took a sharp turn, hit John Connally in the back, went through his chest, his wrist and through his thigh and turned up pristine on a hospital stretcher after going through muscle and bone.

Conspiracies exist. The Government lied and covered up the Gulf of Tonkin, which got us into Vietnam with ground troops, and Watergate was a flat-out conspiracy. So was Iran-Contra. And so on and so on.

Who benefited? All of those listed above, including Lyndon Johnson (who ironically was extremely paranoid in the last years of his presidency, fearing assassination?), Richard Nixon, George W. Bush, Sr., and Gerald Ford. All became President after JFK and RFK were killed. Nixon and Bush, Sr., could not recall where they were on November 22, 1963. Nixon was in Dallas and Bush was in Texas (possibly Dallas). Ford was on the Warren Commission, and made the suggestion to move the bullet hole in Kennedy’s back several inches upward in order to accommodate the Magic Bullet Theory. Presto!

But the JFK assassination? The Government feared unrest if the people knew it was an execution (CIA term: Executive Action) by factions within their own Government. Reluctant members of the Warren Commission were fed the theories that if Cuba or Russia were behind it, war could result. And Alan Dulles, the man who hated Kennedy, the President who fired him and ruined his career and threatened to eliminate the CIA? He was appointed by LBJ to serve on the Commission, and he made sure that the Commission named Oswald as the lone assassin. Easy-peasy for a former CIA Director.

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