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Fic: Conqueror (4/9)

Title: Conqueror (4/9)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Clark/Lex, Alexander/Hephaestion
Genres: Challenge, Drama
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Halloween Challenge Prompt: Lex has a painting/statue that comes to life.
Summary (this chapter): Two newcomers to the Ball look strangely familiar.
Date Of Completion: October 26, 2007
Dates Of Posting: October 31, 2007/November 6, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC and Warner Brothers do, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 825
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: Written for the old_school_clex Halloween Challenge.  Also fits the 2007 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge run by me! J  Again, I used too many prompts to list, but my Special Prompt is ‘Magic Spell’.
All chapters can be found here. 





Lex consulted with his cook.  He could have had the affair catered, but Mrs. Abernathy would hear none of it.  Even Lionel knew better than to argue with her.


He mingled, then returned to Clark, who was standing by the fireplace.


“I’m really grateful you came.”


Clark smiled at him. “Then I’m glad I did.” He adjusted his cape. “Besides, Mrs. Abernathy is a culinary genius.”


Lex laughed. “How is your paper on Alexander going?”


“Very well.  I skimmed through the books and am starting to write.”


“Fast work.” Lex was impressed.


“I’m a pretty good student.”


Lex knew that Clark was at the top of his class but let the modesty slide.  It was all the more charming for being genuine.


“May I read it when it’s finished?”


Clark’s face lit up. “Sure.”


“Lex, dear, wonderful party.”


Lex greeted his guest while Clark idly glanced around the ballroom.


Suddenly the French doors to the gardens opened.  Lex saw Clark’s surprised face and turned.


A golden-haired man strode in, dressed in Greek costume.  Piercing blue eyes were set in a handsome, ruddy face as the newcomer surveyed the room.


Lex recognized the stance: searching for potential enemies.  He often assumed the same stance.


The man at his side was a few inches taller, his dark hair thick and curling in the Greek style.  The eyes were hazel and just as sharp, a man with protection on his mind.  He was also dressed in breastplate and tunic.


Both men kept their hands hovering over their sheathed swords.


“Pretty impressive,” Clark murmured.


Heads had turned at the men’s entrance, and now the band struck up a song, and the newcomers strode to the buffet table.


“They’re not wearing masks,” said Lex irritably, then he frowned. “Clark, they…”


“…look exactly like your statues.”


Clark and Lex looked at each other, then bolted outside.


The statue bases were empty.


& & & & & &


“Only in Smallville,” Lex muttered.


“Definitely candidates for Chloe’s Wall of Weird.” Clark’s voice was still a little stunned.


They watched as the living statues ate.  At first they had eaten with their fingers, then Hephaestion had murmured into Alexander’s ear.  Both picked up silverware and quickly mastered the fork.  Knives presented no problem.


“Lex, what do we do?”


“I guess we let them enjoy the party.”


“Do they know they’re…?”


“Let’s go find out.”


Clark and Lex approached the couple.  Alexander looked directly at Lex, Hephaestion sizing up Clark.


Lex offered his hand. “Welcome to my home.”


“Thank you.” The English was Greek-accented, the voice strong.  His handshake was what Lex expected: firm yet not crushing. “A grand home, Sire…?”


“Luthor.  Lex Luthor.” Lex smiled. “Short for Alexander.”


Blue eyes widened, then sparkled. “Indeed.  And this young man?”


Lex didn’t miss the King’s look of appreciation.


“Clark Kent, Your Majesty.”


Pleased, Alexander shook Clark’s hand.


“Gentlemen, may I present my most trusted general and more importantly, my friend, Hephaestion.”


Clark and Lex shook Hephaestion’s hand, the other man less forceful but no less alluring.


Lex wondered what these men thought of him and Clark.


“A question…Lex.”


« Yes? »


« What century is this? »


& & & & & &


Lex couldn’t believe it.  Alexander the Great and his best general, Hephaestion, were sitting on his couch in his library.


“So,” Alexander said, “This magic spell has brought us here to the 21s century in what is known as the Common Era or Anno Domini?”


“Correct,” said Lex, sitting in an overstuffed chair while Clark sat sideways on the arm.


“And this Lord is…?”


“The Son of the Hebrew God, Yahweh.”


Alexander frowned. “A desert god has been so influential?”


“Ah, there’s so much for you to learn…”


Alexander surveyed the packed bookshelves. “Hephaestion and I shall read these.  Apparently we know the speech of the British Isles, and must be able to read it as well.” Alexander cocked his head. “These are bound parchments?”


“Of a sort.”


Lex realized that his ‘guests’ needed a lot of catching up to do, though luckily the spell had them speaking and reading English.


Omigod, what if they stay in this century forever?


Lex felt a little overwhelmed at the task, helping two of his heroes out.


Two, because Alexander needed his Hephaestion.


Alexander hadn’t lived long after Hephaestion’s death, and had grown increasingly erratic and unstable in those short months.


Lex understood struggling against a dark side without benefit of light.


“You’re welcome to read anything you like,” he said.


“Thank you,” said Alexander.


Clark removed his mask.  Both Macedonians looked startled, then highly appreciative.  Lex rested a hand on Clark’s leg without realizing it.


“Your Majesty, General, Lex and I would be happy to help you adjust to this century.”


“Thank you, Clark.”


Clark smiled and Lex swore he bathed everyone in radiance.


As he and Lex left the library, Alexander and Hephaestion looked at each other, then smiled.








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