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(Reviews) Supergirl 1x4; The Flash 2x7; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x8; Arrow 4x7

Supergirl 1x4

Supergirl’s Thanksgiving episode was moved up a week due to the scheduled episode being about explosions in National City and hostages taken. When that episode airs, who knows?

Cat Grant is not a person I’d want to work for. She’s still obnoxious, but she showed courage this week as she covered for Kara to get away while Livewire was after her (Cat). We got a glimpse into Cat’s background, her mother being someone for whom the best wasn’t good enough.

We also got to see more of Kara’s adoptive parents, Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers. In keeping with the DC Super tradition of honoring their history, the 1984 Supergirl, Helen Slater (who played Lara Jor-El on Smallville) plays Eliza, and Dean Cain, the 1990s Lois & Clark Superman, plays Jeremiah. I loved his line, “I know all there is to know about Superman.” ;)

It was unfair of Eliza to put so much pressure on Alex to take care of Kara, even blaming her for Kara coming out as Supergirl, but it was resolved in the end (but sure ruined Thanksgiving dinner). Also, the Danvers apparently were involved with Alex’s organization and her current supervisor, Hank Henshaw, who neglected to mention that little fact. So some good foreshadowings here.

The Flash 2x7

Some good action this week and the featuring of Gorilla Grodd! Poor Caitlin. She did kind of betray Grodd (who won’t forget), but she really cared for him. The Earth-2 Harrison Wells proved courage, and the appearance of Henry Allen was pleasing. Not surprised he’d been spending his time in the wide open spaces of a national park since his release from prison.

We also got to see Cisco’s visions of Kendra Saunders as Hawkwoman, so we’ll be seeing her soon, I hope.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x8

Phil might like Rosalind, but he’s a top agent and he had his suspicions, though she sounds more like a dupe than an evil HYDRA agent. This episode was a little too Ward-heavy for me (I am SO over sadistic serial killers, I can’t tell you), but he is a worthy adversary for S.H.I.E.L.D. It still gives me the creeps that this guy so easily fooled everyone in Season 1.

The show is playing up the Fitzsimmons angle, and the possible triangle with Will, and now we’ve got HYDRA interested in the portal after thousands of years of failure trying to bring people back from it. Looks like there is more than romance on the line when they finally get back to the portal storyline up front.

I enjoyed Hunter as a hacker and Bobbi as his lawyer. Heh, they work well together in more than just action sequences.

A good, solid episode.

Arrow 4x7

Poor Diggle! His brother certainly looks compromised, doesn’t he? Aww, he saved his ‘green brother’. I’m sure Ollie appreciated that!

Hmm, Malcolm has an interesting method of controlling Thea’s bloodlust. If Ollie was still in his killing mode from the early seasons, he could send Thea out once a month and sweep certain areas of the city clean. Rolls eyes

I liked Ollie’s concern for Quentin’s safety. He can pretend it’s just for Laurel and Sara’s sakes, but I think he considers the gruff Detective Lance part of the team.

So Ray is unsure of what he should do when he makes his official announcement that he’s back from the dead? Okay, I find that intriguing. It also has the added benefit of keeping the company in Felicity’s hands for awhile so that she can fund Team Arrow. I still think she’s going to dump Pretty Boy Ollie for sexy Ray because of their compatibility in the brains department.

I look forward to the crossover with The Flash next week.

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