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Supergirl 1x3

I really like this series. It’s the first DC-related thing I'm really enjoying in years that isn’t fanfic.

Good episode, showing Kara able to stand up to the baddie-of-the-week and Clark recognizing that she needs to save herself sometimes. I enjoyed that texting exchange at the end.

Oh, Maxwell Lord! Whenever I see you I always think of your controversial end.

Nice green dress on Kara for the party. Very nice of Alex to get it for her. Please, PLEASE don’t have Alex turn out to be a traitor in the future due to jealousy/frustration (always in Kara’s shadow). She was only chosen to be part of her current organization because of Kara, etc. Please let this woman be the one person who will always have Kara’s back.

The Flash 2x6

Still not a fan of Harrison Wells but now we understand his motivations better.

Poor Barry really got whumped this episode. Who is Professor Zoom? Cue ominous music

Is Barry going to reveal his secret identity to everyone? ;)

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x7

So Rosalind works for HYDRA? Yoinks!

Poor Andrew. The whole Inhuman thing is a bummer. First if you’re hit with the Terrigen Mist, you either die or are transformed. The transformation is frequently difficult to control, and it’s permanent. No do-overs! In Andrew’s case, his evaluation skills seem to be all warped: if an Inhuman doesn’t measure up, kill him or her! No one has any agency in this Inhuman thing.

Poor Melinda. This is really tough on her.

We get a little more about the Fitzsimmons storyline. Fitz sees Jemma’s desperation as he listens and watches her recordings. I’m really interested in seeing how this storyline evolves.

Arrow 4x6

Yay, Ray’s back! And Felicity’s got him! ;)

We saw her discontent during the suburbia phase of her relationship with Ollie, and she was helping the team back in Star City behind his back because she was so bored. Are they laying the groundwork for a permanent break-up in the future?

She works so much better with Ray. They understand each other better. And her attitude to Ollie about helping with the tech to save Ray was condescending, much like she treats her mother.

I happen to like her mother! It couldn’t have been easy living with a couple of snobby geniuses. She does her best. Felicity could have drawn a lot worse for her mother.

Well, I guess TPTB are saving Sara for later. Otherwise why resurrect her just to have her leave? It didn’t sound as if she was going to seek out Nyssa, either. I hope someone thinks to notify the woman!

Let’s hope Sara figures out her ‘problem’. Geez, now we have two homicidal women on the team! At least it’s a switch and it’s not two men, eh?


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