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(Reviews) Supergirl 1x2; The Flash 2x5; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x6; Arrow 4x5

Supergirl 1x2

The show kept up its quality for the second week with Kara being taught how to fight by Alex and using that knowledge in her fight against Astra. There was angst for her aunt being evil and a stronger connection to the Danvers as family, and James and Winn discovered they are both in the know about her.

Cat, who was pretty annoying last week, was humanized by her speech to Kara about how it’s still true that a woman must be twice as good as a man to be considered close to equal to a man. She worked her butt off for her position of power and she knows it’s tough to achieve, but she obviously sees something in Kara, though she would never say so, ha!

Very cool interview move by Supergirl! Lifting the car up to the roof of the newspaper sure got her attention. I’m sure Cat will conduct a boffo interview.

Ah ha! I knew something was off with the Director!

Hopefully using Alex as bait for Supergirl won’t be overused but I like it. I just hope they don’t go the route of Alex revealed as a traitor in the future due to jealousy over growing up with Kara and her special gifts. Instead they should focus on the bond between sisters and how special that is. You can say a word that is random nonsense to everyone else but your sister will know exactly what you’re referring to from childhood. Sisters know quite a bit about each other, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need. Hopefully the series will treat us to flashbacks to the girls growing up together.

The Flash 2x5

Good episode! I grinned at Barry’s date with Cisco as his ‘eyes’. I am not thrilled with Jay being accused of cowardice and incompetence, but this isn’t Golden Age Jay from the comics, so I can see where he might be uncertain. He’s only had his powers a short while, shorter than Barry, I think.

Harrison Wells is a jerk no matter what Earth he’s from, I see.

Dr. Light as female? Maybe that will keep people from associating the character with the Identity Crisis loathsome characterization?

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x5

Crisp episode with one heckuva twist at the end! Yikes! Poor May! She was MARRIED to this guy at one time. But it makes sense as to why Andrew was so slow in approving Inhumans for duty.

A bat signed by Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski? Wowza! That’s a good hook, Rosalind.

Hunter was a little crazy this episode but I still like him. Everyone was down on him for Andrew but he did what an agent’s supposed to do: go after the target. Of course, not completing the mission successfully was a bummer.

Can Ward go out in a blaze of sociopathic glory, please? As in expire in the same way as he would dispatch a victim? Hard to believe the man from Season 1 is such a cretin.

Arrow 4x5

Laurel lucked out! Sara would have been lost to them if Ollie hadn’t known John Constantine, who was his usual snarky but competent self and fun to watch. They could have called in Zatanna, too, if they were talking to the Big Guy in Metropolis (Zee appeared twice on Smallville). A pity John didn't have a trick up his magical trenchcoat sleeve for Thea, who's still a semi-vampire.

I hope we get to see Nyssa’s reaction when she sees Sara. Methinks she might want to leave the League of Shadows to Malcolm and come back to America for awhile, eh? ;)

It will be interesting to see how the show plans to use Sara moving forward. Does she go off with Nyssa again and be available for guest-starring roles? Or is she going to stick around Star City for awhile?

I thought Ray might be in Felicity’s phone, using the old Atom trick back when phones had wires. ;) I am glad that he’s still alive and is now the miniaturized version he was meant to be. Of course, if he comes back, does that cut off funding to Team Arrow?

I liked seeing Ollie and Laurel be the two to go after Sara. Despite the CW’s old trick of keeping the canon couple apart for years, we know that they’re destined to be together, unless TPTB are willing to make a major departure from canon.

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