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Week 8: New England Patriots 36, Miami Dolphins 7 (7-0) (Thursday, October 29, 2015)

Week 8: New England Patriots 36, Miami Dolphins 7 (7-0) (Thursday, October 20, 2015)

It was a short week for both teams, since they had played on Sunday, but a mini-bye week was their reward. For the Patriots, it was all good as they beat the Dolphins by a comfortable margin.

The game was not a simple win, however. The Patriots offense sputtered at times and their defense was definitely Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr.-Hyde as they were stout with great plays one minute and dreadful the next, but they held the Dolphins to only 7 points. In the first half, the Dolphins didn’t even get past midfield! They scored their only TD at the beginning of the second half, when the Pats D seemed to have left their smarts in the locker room at halftime. Fortunately they woke up and didn’t let the Dolphins score again.

Tom was on fire, as usual, and threw for 4 touchdowns. When the offense was clicking, they were nearly unstoppable!

The Dolphins had been riding high with their new interim coach (his predecessor had been fired) for the last two games, but playing the hapless Titans and Texans are a heckuva lot different than playing the Patriots! So it was a good win for the undefeated Pats.

The Jets lost their game and the Bills were on a bye week.

AFC East Division

New England 7-0
NYJ 4-3
Buffalo 3-4 (Bye)
Miami 3-4
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