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(Reviews) Supergirl 1x1; The Flash 2x4; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x5; Arrow 4x4

Supergirl 1x1

So, finally, the Supergirl pilot was broadcast. I got so sick of the endless promos that I half-considered skipping the whole thing just to be a contrarian, but I love the character too much so gave it a try.

The pilot was good. Could it live up to the relentless hype? Of course not, but it introduced the characters and situations while keeping me entertained with an interesting story.

I like Kara. A little too flighty for my taste, but it beats rage monster or sullen teen all the way, unlike some of the other incarnations of post-COIE Supergirl in the comics.

I have no idea if her origin matches any comics ones since there have been so many new origins for her that she’s becoming Donna Troy. Yes, she is a Danvers again (yay!) but I don’t know if she was adopted by them while they were in the know or if they already had a daughter. I do like the idea of Alex, though, because siblings seem to be rare birds among superheroes. After Lois, Clint and Wanda and Pietro, siblings just don’t show up too often.

Jimmy’s in the mix, though they gave him a makeover! :) The other guy in the know seems kind of adorkable.

They sure found a role for Cat Grant! ;)

I did like references to Clark, though he really should have shown up and helped Kara out. Still, probably can’t cast a new Superman with the movie coming out next spring.

So, I’ll definitely watch next week.

The Flash 2x4

Good story this week. I like Jax and think he’s an awesome fit for the Professor. The arrogant other candidate gave us some good thrills, and hopefully he’s out of commission for good.

I’d have to go with Iris and wonder if Francine was lying about her condition, and then she finds out about her mother having a son eight months after leaving Joe? Though I would have asked for the story, at least, and then decide whether I thought it was a lie or not. And one of the reasons she left might have been that the baby wasn’t Joe’s after all.

Not sure if I like Patty but at least she’s brave, and it would be nice for Barry to become interested in someone while TPTB keep him and Iris apart.

Earth-2 Harrison Wells? Jay should be able to give them info on this guy. Creepy!

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x5

Okay, gotta admit, last week kind of bored me with the hunt for Inhumans (we’ve seen this story many times before in many mediums, only with the X-Men) so it was a treat to see Jemma’s story. And I also have to admit to wondering if Will was just a figment of her desperate imagination, a need for companionship. Or was he the ‘It’ all along? Creepy that It used the spacesuit to lure Jemma. But then we see him back on the planet after she’s gone and throwing away the gun, so unless he is the mysterious shape-shifter, he’s probably legit.

I would like to find out other answers next week. At first I thought Will was the guy who went through the Monolith at the turn of the last century, figuring that time was slower on this planet, but the NASA equipment made 2001 more likely. But is that guy still around? If people age differently (just my thought), he could still be on the planet, along with any of the others who went through the Monolith.

What happened to Will’s companions? Did he actually tell the truth and he killed them all, or were they influenced into madness? And what is the mysterious Evil Thing that plays with the planet’s captives? I hope we find out those answers. Way more interesting than the latest scheme to capture Inhumans, IMO!

Arrow 4x4

I’m glad to see Quentin and Ollie as allies again. I don’t like it when they’re on the outs. And looks like Diggle and Ollie are on the road back, too.

Powerful scene with Quentin trying to work up the courage to kill Sara. Hoo boy, who didn’t see her escape coming? Soulless Sara on the loose! Though it appears that John Constantine will be called in to deal with her. Interesting!

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