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Week 7: New England Patriots 30, New York Jets 23 (6-0) (Sunday, October 25, 2015)

Week 7: New England Patriots 30, New York Jets 23 (6-0) (Sunday, October 25, 2015)

Whew! That was a dogfight! Fortunately, the Patriots were able to get it together in the fourth quarter and win this one!

The offense and defense were both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde this week: stinking up the joint one minute and making a big play the next. The O had 11 drops (!) and the D couldn't stop a cold for awhile as the Jets marched down the field. But Tom Brady and other good players were not to be dissuaded.

Tommy threw for over 300 yards and for 2 TDs. He ran one in for a touchdown! He ran for a first down! That is rare, because Tom admits that he's the slowest player in the league. :) He WILLED his team to win! And he had help from Gronk, Edelman, and Danny Amendola. They made some big plays (and Gronk dragged a Jet defender for 10 yards on a catch-and-run). Oh, and Tom was the LEADING RUSHER today! So was Jets' QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. LOL!

Rob Ninkovich, Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower were all good on defense, and Jamie Collins was outstanding. The secondary is the weak link, but at least they made some break-ups on Jet receivers when necessary, though they allowed way too much success for the NYJ.

The Jets did not help their cause by not calling time-outs as the clock ticked away at the end, and after recovering an onside kick, they made a short, 10-yard pass over the middle with time nearly gone, and when they set up for a Hail Mary, committed a penalty that ended things. New HC Todd Bowles? Same Old Jets! ;)

So, a win against a division rival is always good, and it's a short week as they play again this Thursday against division rival Miami, who waxed the Houston Texans today. The Bills lost to one of the worst teams in the league, the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was the London game and so they have a very long ride home to think about THAT one! ;)

Undefeated, baby! :)

New England 6-0
NYJ 4-2
Miami 3-3
Buffalo 3-4
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