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(Reviews) The Flash 2x3, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x4, Arrow 4x3

The Flash 2x3

Hey, you leave an interdimensional portal unattended, ANYTHING’S liable to crawl in!

Wow, I give Iris credit this week: I thought for sure she’d blow her top when Joe told her about her mother, and I would have given her a pass. He lied to her for years about her mother’s death: she was alive! That’s kind of a big deal. Amazing that she didn’t make him feel any worse than he already was.

Caitlin wanting Jay to stay? How cute!

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x4

I take it that Hunter isn’t in good with May anymore? Okay, I get it: she wasn’t willing to risk Andrew’s life and Hunter was, considering the stakes. I hate to see them on the outs. I like it when we can see people working together smoothly.

Looks like Fitzsimmons is back! You can bet that Fitz will help Jemma get back to that alien world.

Arrow 4x3


Okay, I get that Laurel is driven by grief. I understand her motivations, but seriously? In order to get Sara back, how dumb did TPTB have to make Laurel? She was warned more than once by Malcolm and Nyssa not to put Sara into the Lazarus Pit. She had the evidence of Thea, who, BTW, is now a semi-vampire who needs to kill every so often or her bloodlust will drive her crazy, and there’s no cure.

Thank the stars that Nyssa sabotaged the Pit. At least someone had brains in this cabal of dimwits! And a bonus is the look on Malcolm’s face when he realized what Nyssa had done. Unlike his predecessor, no more dipping in the Pit to live for centuries. You knew he figured he was sittin’ pretty with the Lazarus Pit in his back pocket, so to speak.

Laurel, honey, don’t expect to chill on the couch with Sara eating ice cream out of the carton anytime soon. Sara is a soulless monster! With ninja skills!! How can bringing her back be a GOOD thing?!!! Do the words ‘Rest In Peace’ have meaning anymore?

I’m curious to see how the show proceeds. Is Sara back long-term? Or was she resurrected just to be quickly killed again (third grieving time for her family) in order to underscore the value of letting things (and people) go? It was terribly selfish of Laurel to bring Sara back. Even her lover Nyssa who would have loved to have Sara back knew that it was too dangerous and unfair to Sara.

Felicity has been getting on my nerves lately but I cheered her in this episode. Reading Diggle and Ollie the riot act was just what those two needed. If you leave men to talk about feelings you’ll be skating on ice with the guy in the red suit and pitchfork looking on. Diggle had a legitimate gripe but they really are better together than apart. BTW, does he have a code name yet?

Can we please have Roy back?

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