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Week 6: New England Patriots 34, Indianapolis Colts 27 (5-0) (Sunday, October 18, 2015)

Week 6: New England Patriots 34, Indianapolis Colts 27 (5-0) (Sunday, October 18, 2015)

Good to get the win! Disappointing that the Patriots weren't able to hang at least 50 on the Colts, but Indy finally woke up to the fact that they've been embarrassed in their last four meetings with the Patriots and did something about it, namely a better running game and defense! The offense for the Pats was out-of-sync in the beginning, but they still managed to score a touchdown on their first possession and didn't have to punt too many times. Indy came up with a fake punt play that they screwed up. If you're going to try trickeration, get it right! ;)

Gronk got a TD and so did Julian, but he was also dropping balls, but he does have a broken finger. Tom threw for 3 touchdowns. We lost three guys to injury (Marcus Cannon, Matthew Slater, and Jabaal Sheard). Hopefully none will go on Injured Reserve and be done for the season.

The game wasn't as close as the score indicates. The Colts scored their final TD in garbage time.

Usually when a blow-out is expected, you don't get it, but it would have been sweeeet!!! :)

The Jets and Dolphins won and the Bills lost.

New England 5-0
NYJ 4-1
Buffalo 3-3
Miami 2-3

Next week, the Jets at home!
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