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(Reviews) The Flash 2x2; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x3; Arrow 4x2

The Flash 2x2

Yay for Jay! I hope he gets his speed back. And the concept of Earth-2 coming into the DC TV ‘verse, whoo hoo! Let’s hope this Earth-2 fares better than the recent comics version.

Ooh, loving Jay putting on the winged helmet. I adore the JSA heroes. Such admirable heroes.

As annoying as Barry was to Jay, poor guy was scared out of his wits, it was understandable. Harrison Wells really scarred him.

Yikes, Professor!

Can’t keep Harrison Wells winked out of existence for long.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x3

Oh, loving the closed captioning for Brit English! ;)

Poor Lincoln, losing his friend that way. And I can't really blame John. The poor guy was scared out of his wits. :(

Hunter and May are a hoot!

Interesting how technology is painful for Jemma now. And she is desperate to get back to the other world? Hmm. I’d like to think her obsession is psychologically-based instead of something implanted in her or anything like that. But this is certainly an interesting twist!

Arrow 4x2

Wow, Thea’s really lost it. But she is well-suited to being Speedy (or is she called Red Arrow now?).

I still hate that Ray Palmer was killed off, but being comics, maybe he’ll be back.

Nice to have a girlfriend who inherits a major company, eh? Funny how in soaps and other TV shows people with no qualifications at all end up running major corporations. Only in Hollywood!

Mr. Holt? Mr. Terrific?

Was anyone else creeped out by the final scene? Oh, well, it's almost Halloween, right?

Okay, Laurel, your scheme (which we all guessed right away when she learned what had happened to Thea):

2)No guarantee of the League being able to help Thea
3)Lying to Ollie and the others with this crazy scheme (Thea’s going along with it because she feels guilty for killing Sara)
4)The world needs another ninja-trained warrior with rage issues, which will probably be worse than Thea’s because Sara’s been dead for a year. Nyssa will go along with all this because she’s desperate to get Sara back, too.

Can’t anyone in the comics world leave the dead in peace?

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