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Happy Halloween! :)

Ack, I can’t believe it! I finally finished my Clex Halloween story for the old_school_clex Halloween Challenge! :) It’s due today and I knocked out the final two chapters a few hours ago! Whew! :)

Now, a few more Halloween tidbits: I was rewinding a tape after exercising this morning and saw one of the morning talk shows featuring Halloween costumes. Pretty cute stuff: a beekeeper and two little bees, a Gloucester fisherman and her baby lobster, and lo and behold! The DC Trinity!

Yes, it was Batman and Wonder Woman with a little kid dressed as Superman. LOL! According to the broadcast, there was an on-line site that said that Superman is the most popular costume this year for boys. Way to go, Supes! :) Usually you hear that the Batman is cooler or that Superman is just too goody two-shoes, but kids know that Superman is good and powerful and a true hero!

And, yes, so is Batman, but he’s always got the ‘cool’ tag, so it was cool that Superman got some props here. :)

Now, I had posted the first two links of this ‘Mutts’ cartoon, but in the interest of completion, I’ve re-posted them and added the other links on the ‘The Bat And His Little Bird’ series of strips this week. It speaks Bruce/Dick to me, natch, and can also be Clark/Bruce, especially when they speak of one being an ‘early bird’ and the other nocturnal! :) Day and night, darkness and light! ;)

Mutts--October 22, 2007

Mutts--October 23, 2007

Mutts--October 24, 2007

Mutts--October 25, 2007

Mutts--October 26, 2007

Mutts--October 28, 2007

Finally, a Super cartoon from today! :)

Mutts--October 30, 2007

I'm behind on comments after working on the Clex tonight, so expect replies from me later today! :)
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