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(Reviews) The Flash 2x1; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x2; Arrow 4x1

The TV season is in full swing! :)

The Flash 2x1

For a season opener, I thought this was a little dull, though it was interesting to see what had happened to the characters since last season. The most exciting part to me was Henry Allen FINALLY able to get out of prison. Is there anything worse than being convicted of a crime you didn’t commit and watching your life slip away behind bars? He lost the chance to raise Barry, lost his career, lost almost everything. The Government says, “Whoops, sorry, we bad, have a nice life.” Tough luck, fella.

And that’s what gave me my WTF? Moment. After years of being stuck in that hellhole away from his son, Henry is going away?

Now, I can see why he might: he’s been stuck in one place for 14 years. He knows the world has changed since he’s been inside. No matter how much info you can get on the inside, it’s still different once you’re out. And he’s changed, too. He’s not the same man who went into prison. Perhaps he doesn’t want Barry to see those changes?

Though practically, it’s probably the producers not wanting to mess up the father/son dynamic between Barry and Joe. A pity, because it would have been interesting to see how Henry coped with freedom and adjustment to prison-free life.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x2

Lots of stuff happening! We do get Jemma back, who’s obviously been through hell as evidenced by how she wakes up. Fitz never gives up!

So May is retired. That’ll last until next week. She can’t change who she is.

Ward is as squicky as ever. He really deserves an Oscar for playing Good Grant Ward for a full season and fooling everyone.

Arrow 4x1

This premiere was the best of the lot. I laughed at Ward and June Cleaver but, hey, that kind of life is what I’ve always lived and I like it. I have no desire to be shot at, stabbed, kidnapped, etc. And it’s a first for the CW that one of their characters doesn’t pitch a major fit after being lied to as Ollie was by Felicity. She never really bought into their new life, and if I was Ollie, I’d be a little perturbed. Sure, he missed some things about his old life, but every life path has its pros and cons. He looked really happy.

I think I might have been able to buy the whole suburbia thing if I thought that Ollie and Felicity had romantic chemistry. I know I'm in the minority on that, but chemistry is chemistry: either you see it or you don't. I don't.

The identity of the person whose name is on that headstone? A good guessing game for the season, but since no one stays dead in a comics world, will it have much impact? I suppose Felicity is too obvious a choice?

I hate that John and Ollie are on the outs. I always love a friendship that survives anything and where both are loyal, but Ollie blew it. He trusted Malcolm Merlyn more than he did John Diggle. And even though Lila, Ollie’s kidnap victim, seems to understand why he did it, Diggle just can’t trust him anymore. Maybe that will change.

Great seeing Black Canary in action, eh? And Red Arrow is really into it…a little TOO much.

Poor Roy has to stay away? Can’t he come back and be another hero?

Nice to see that Green Arrow will be distinctive from the Arrow. People will think it’s a new person behind the mask so let’s see what Ollie does with this new lease on life.

And Quentin Lance? Why has he thrown in with the H.I.V.E.? Laurel will be very hurt by this, unless there’s some very good explanation.

The promos for Supergirl have definitely piqued my interest! Doesn't look too bad. Love her Kent-ish glasses! ;)

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