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Fic: Strange Brew (8/9)

Title: Strange Brew (8/9)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Clark/Bruce, Steve/Diana, Dick/Roy, Linda/Barbara, Hal & friends ;), Zatanna, Ollie/Dinah, Eloise McCaffrey, Sabrina Spellman (Also, see Author’s Note below)
Category: Drama
Rating (this chapter): R
Warnings: Nudity
Spoilers: None
General Summary: Zatanna hosts a Halloween Ball in order for the superhero and magickal communities to learn more about each other in a relaxed setting.
Summary: The morning after.
Date Of Completion: October 17, 2007
Date Of Posting: October 30, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 2687
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: Written for the 2007 Fic/Art DCU Halloween Challenge run by me! :)
This story will feature many pairings (even threesomes!) but two of the primary pairings are Clark/Bruce and Dick/Roy, and the early chapters are pre-slash.
Challenge Prompts: I used so many they are too long to list, but I’ll list my Special Prompt: Love Potion! ;)
All chapters can be found here. 





Clark slowly awoke, registering the coolness of mist on his skin as he listened to the sounds of the nearby ocean.  It was a sound he enjoyed, falling asleep to its steady rhythm the nights he had been a guest at Wayne Manor.


He felt the warm body next to him begin to stir, curling up against him…then stiffening and pulling away.


Clark’s eyes opened and he saw a naked Bruce scrambling to get up.  He quickly clamped an iron hand around Bruce’s wrist.






Angry blue eyes glittered at him in the hazy morning sunlight. “We were under a spell…”


“So you didn’t want me?”


Bruce looked away. “We were under the influence of something like sex pollen…”


Clark lightly shook Bruce’s arm. “I’m asking you, Bruce: you didn’t want me?” His voice grew firm. “Look at me.”


He was a little surprised that Bruce obeyed.  He looked at his lover with a steady gaze.


“I wanted you.” Bruce’s voice was very soft. “I’ve wanted you for a very long time.”


A smile spread across Clark’s face.  He pulled Bruce down to him.


“I’d say we had a very Happy Halloween, and I’d like to thank the person who spiked the Cider.”


With a muffled half-groan/half-chuckle, Bruce stretched out over Clark and began to kiss him passionately.


& & & & & &


Diana awoke on her side, Steve’s arms around her.  She noticed that her skin and hair were back to normal color.  She rubbed her lover’s arm and he came awake, nuzzling her neck.


“Mmm, good morning, Angel.”


Diana laughed. “Good morning, Beloved.” She squeezed his arm. “Doesn’t this faze you at all, waking up naked on the lawn after a night of wild spell-induced debauchery?”


Steve nuzzled her again. “Angel, I date a woman who is an Amazon, talks to Gods and Goddesses in person, lived on an all-female island for centuries, is a member of the JLA with people who fly, shape-shift, use alien power rings, and leap tall buildings in a single bound…this is just a walk in the park.”


Diana laughed and lifted his hand, kissing it gently, and then turned around to embrace her lover.


The statue of Aphrodite seemed to smile in approval.


& & & & & &


“Um, Robbie…”


“Looks like we had some fun last night, Speedy.”


Roy’s tentative expression broke into a smile as he leaned forward and grabbed Dick.


& & & & & &


Linda stroked Barbara’s arm, holding her close.  She looked gorgeous in the morning mist, diamonds glittering in her ruby hair.  Linda remembered all of last night, or most of it.  Some moments were hazy, but she remembered the important ones.


“I love you,” she whispered.


Blue eyes opened. “I love you, too, sweetness.”


Linda smiled and brushed red strands of hair out of her lover’s eyes.  She remembered her cousin loving his own Bat last night and hoped it was turning out well this morning.


& & & & & &


Hal stretched awake, delighted to see J’onn still next to him.  As the Martian opened his eyes, he smiled.


“You know, green is my favorite color.”


J’onn laughed and kissed him, Hal feeling very happy as he wrapped his arms around his favorite Martian.


An arm stretched up from J’onn’s other side.


“You need a license to drive that surfboard, Lantern.”


“Sorry, my quicksilver friend.”


Barry groaned as Hal and J’onn laughed.


& & & & & &


Bruce dressed in the jeans and white T-shirt folded on the grass next to him.  He kissed Clark and said, “I’ll go see Zatanna.  You stay here and look beautiful.”


Clark laughed and laid back down, soaking up the sun, muted as it was in the mist.  Bruce gasped softly as a shaft of sunlight broke through the mists and rainbows shimmered around Clark’s body.


Still feeling in a dream, he kept looking back as he walked toward the house.


Finally he turned his head and made his way carefully through the gardens, not wanting to embarrass anybody.  He paused as he passed a clearing, Dick and Roy locked in a passionate embrace.


A smile spread across his face. He had suspected his boy of feelings for his fellow Titan beyond friendship.


A Bat/Arrow alliance wouldn’t be such a bad idea.


Or a Super/Bat alliance, as he glimpsed blond and red hair together on the two women entwined in another small clearing.


He was more than a little surprised at his acceptance of the events of last night.  His first reaction upon awakening had been joy, melting into anger at the drugging/spellcasting, but, he mused, maybe it was partly being in the same boat as everyone else, and partly being given the gift of the opportunity to openly love Clark.


Whatever the case, for once he wasn’t going to question it too closely.  


He reached the back door and Zatanna emerged, dressed in light-green robes trimmed in gold. “Good morning, Bruce.”


“Good morning, Zee.”


She held up her hand and ticked off her fingers. “I’ve got breakfast bubbling on the stove, we put fresh clothes out for everybody, your costumes are upstairs in the guest room, and you needn’t worry about the Witches finding out your secret identity.  Eloise and I cast a spell so that the Witches see all of you heroes with altered faces so that no one can guess who you really are.”


Bruce relaxed.  That last part had been worrying him.


“May I ask what happened?”


Zatanna grimaced. “I’ll tell you all at breakfast.” She waved at the gardens. “People are waking up.  And the mists will stay in place until everyone has left.”


“Okay, I’ll spread the word.”


He turned back to the gardens, anxious to see a rainbow-misted Clark again.


& & & & & &


People woke up and discovered that the mists had cleansed them of any sticky residue from the night before,


As Steve lay with his eyes closed, arms around his Angel as he snuggled up against her back, listening to the sounds of the sea, he thought of his good fortune to have spent many weekends by the ocean as a child.  While his home was not directly on the shore, his family had lived close enough to spend many weekends and vacations at the beach.


He let the sounds and smells wash over him: the perfume of the flowers, the salty tang of the sea, the faint perfume from his Angel.  A cool breeze gently brushed over his skin.






“What is it, Bruce?” Diana asked.


“Zatanna has breakfast ready.”


“We’ll be there.”


After Bruce had left, Steve smiled. “I could use some food.” He kissed her bare shoulder. “Though my hunger for you never ends.”


Diana laughed and he opened his eyes to see glorious dark hair and pale flesh.


& & & & & &


Dick realized that Roy wasn’t beside him.  After their passionate lovemaking of only a few minutes ago, he was a little distressed to have empty space where a warm, luscious body should have been.  A little concerned, he rose and went looking for Roy, unconcerned about his nudity.  He found his redhead at the gazebo, where they had started the crazy night before.


Roy was leaning on the railing, looking out at the ocean as it diamond-sparkled in the early-morning sun.  He was also giving Dick an incredible view of his backside. 


Suddenly nervous, Dick asked softly, “Speedy?”


“It’s beautiful out there, isn’t it, Robbie?”


Dick cautiously approached, then leaned on the railing next to Roy.  Sunlight set his lover’s red hair aflame.


Lover.  Is that over now?  Morning-after regrets?


Roy was watching a lobster boat bob gently on the water.  His green eyes reflected the shimmering depths of the waves.


“Roy, do you…?”


Roy turned and bestowed a dazzling smile on Dick, whose heart leaped. “I love you, Short Pants.  Have for a long time.”


Relieved and giddy, Dick said, “Me, too.” Shyly he dipped his head. “I thought maybe you had some regrets.”


Strong fingers combed through his hair. “I was just hoping that you were the one who wasn’t thinking twice.”


Dick looked up into Roy’s eyes. “Roy, I love you with everything I have.”


They embraced into a deep, loving kiss, then broke apart and gazed out onto the sea.  Dick’s hand strayed down to Roy’s butt.






“You always say that I’m the exhibitionist, but you walked over here naked!”


Roy laughed and squeezed Dick’s buttock. “Must be catching.”


Laughter echoed out over the gardens from the gazebo.


& & & & & &


Dinah playfully slapped Ollie’s stomach as she got to her feet. “Looks like Zee left us some clothes.  Get up, you lazy lug.”


Ollie grinned as he lolled indolently on the grass. “Why should I?”


“Because people are starting to get up.”


“I thought I did that last night,” Ollie smirked, his chuckle muffled as Dinah threw a T-shirt at his face.  As he pulled it down, he said, “Man, that was some wild night.  I haven’t been to an orgy in…well, since forever!”


Dinah snorted. “Let’s hope everyone else is as laidback as you.  And don’t say that you’re already laying on your back!”


Ollie’s grin was as bright as the sun.


& & & & & &


Bruce considered himself blessed.  He was looking at a naked Clark in all his glory, the rainbow mists sparkling on perfect skin and starred in silky hair.  Clark didn’t seem to be in a hurry to put on his T-shirt and jeans at all.


“I never knew you were so decadent, Clark.” Bruce nudged his companion’s foot with his own bare one.


“It’s a beautiful morning, Bruce.  Why should I hurry to end it?”


Bruce’s heart was pounding and he knew that Clark knew.


Damn super-hearing!


But it didn’t really bother him.  He supposed he should be worried about losing his edge as very little seemed to be bothering him this morning, yet he didn’t really care.


Not with a nude Clark stretched out before him, mischief playing around his lips.


Bruce knelt between Clark’s legs and bent down, kissing him as Clark pulled him down to lie on top of him.  Strong arms encircled him, and Bruce felt safe…and happy.


Clark nuzzled his lover’s cheek. “You’re beautiful.”


Bruce blushed. “You should see what you look like, my friend.”


Clark laughed softly and they kissed.


When they broke apart, Bruce could hear voices as people were starting to dress and head for the house.


“Mmm, I smell waffles…”


In a space of seconds, Clark was dressed and held his hand out. “C’mon, breakfast is waiting!”


Grinning, Bruce took Clark’s hand. 


& & & & & &


People were waking up, talking things over, and dressing in the casual clothes left for them by Zatanna.  Linda and Barbara giggled as they adjusted each other’s tight T-shirts, and Dick was delighted to discover cut-offs for him.  Roy was pleased, too, and his own frayed jeans felt as comfortable as his favorite pair back home.  When he and Dick had appeared in the grove that contained Dinah and Ollie, she had taken one look at them and said, “That’s my boy-o!” and Roy had blushed as red as his hair while Ollie laughed and Dick grinned.


Dick was delighted to see Bruce holding hands with Clark as they emerged from the inner part of the gardens.  Linda and Barbara were delighted, and Ollie gave Clark a thumbs-up, the Kryptonian smiling and Bruce pretending great indignation, then possessively adjusted Clark’s T-shirt while Ollie snickered, Dinah amused.  Diana was holding Steve’s hand and whispered something to Bruce as they emerged from the gardens, too, Bruce smiling and Clark waving to Zatanna, who was standing at the back door.  


The guests began drifting into the house, a few people blushing, a few others angry, but most seemingly content with the night’s joy.  J’onn remained in his Martian appearance, the Witches certainly unfazed, considering all the magical creatures they saw on a daily basis.  Diana was pleased with her chiton blouse and jeans, Steve glad for his own comfortable set of jeans and T-shirt.  He winked at Ollie and Hal, who grinned back, Barry trailing behind them as he yawned.  Dinah and Diana exchanged happy looks.


The kitchen had been transformed with a long, wooden table and benches.  Zatanna served pumpkin muffins and cranberry bread from last night’s buffet, and cooked eggs, bacon, sausage, and waffles according to order, her wand speeding up the process.  Fresh fruit was available, too, including a few delicacies from Diana’s Paradise Island that were a big hit.


As everyone ate, chattering and happy, Zatanna wondered if she should just let them keep that happiness and not get into last night, but finally Diana asked, “Zee, do you have any idea who spiked the Cider?”


Zatanna was sitting at the head of the table.  She shook her head.  Eloise was on her left and said, “It wasn’t spiked.  The entire mixture was switched.” On Zatanna’s right, Sabrina nodded.


Bruce frowned. “That’s more difficult to do than a simple spiking.”


Eloise nodded. “I suppose it was just someone who wanted to play a practical joke.”


“Could it have been someone who didn’t want our communities to come together?” Barbara asked.


Eloise and Zatanna exchanged glances, then Eloise said, “Well, there are people in our magickal community who oppose a closer alliance, but that’s a minority and those who cling to old ideas of superiority.”


“I would have guessed that whoever did it wanted to embarrass our side,” Bruce said, “but Witches got caught up, too.”


The Witches at the table nodded.  Bruce kept his expression serious despite Clark slipping his hand under the table and rubbing his thigh.


“What was the mixture, exactly?” asked Dick.


Eloise said, “Ninety percent Orgy Juice and ten percent Love Potion.”


“Love Potion?” asked Linda.


Eloise nodded. “Zatanna’s specialty.” The younger Witch’s eyes sparkled. “It isn’t like other love potions.  This is to be used on a person whom you think might be your True Love.  If that person is not, there will be no effects.  It’s merely to confirm what the other suspects or hopes.  There is no sex involved as there is with Orgy Juice.


 “However, this mixture did have Orgy Juice, which added in physical attraction, not necessarily with one’s True Love, as the Love Potion was diluted, but if your True Love was present at this party, you would find out who it was whether you knew that when you first arrived or not.”


Several couples blushed or looked down at their plates, while others smiled at each other and grasped hands.


“Quite a potent mix,” Diana said with a smile as she drank her cranberry juice.


“I apologize, my friends, for such a thing happening,” Zatanna said with a blush.


“Don’t, Zee.” Dinah squeezed Ollie’s hand while she winked at Diana. “It wasn’t your fault.”


Amazed at how calmly everyone seemed to be taking things, Zatanna felt better.


Maybe they’re just used to unusual things happening, just as Witches are accustomed to strange things.


She felt even more relaxed when in the flurry of clean-up and people departing, Bruce came up to her and said quietly, “Thank you, Zatanna.”


“What for, Bruce?”


“For giving me the opportunity to love Clark openly.”


Pleased, Zatanna looked at the handsome man with midnight-blue eyes shining with happiness as he stood before her.  She had felt the energy between him and Clark for years, and it hadn’t surprised her at their coupling last night, or at Dick and Roy coming together, or Linda and Barbara.  If the switching incident had helped these couples come together, maybe it hadn’t been so bad after all.


“You’re very welcome, Bruce.”


He smiled and kissed her on her cheek, joining Clark in the hallway and they went upstairs to claim their costumes from the guest bedroom, Dick and Roy following as Dick said, “Roy, I’d like to show you the gazebo on the grounds of Wayne Manor…”          







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