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Week 3: New England Patriots 51, Jacksonville Jaguars 17 (3-0) (Sunday, September 27, 2015)

Week 3: New England Patriots 51, Jacksonville Jaguars 17 (3-0) (Sunday, September 27, 2015)

It was a gorgeous fall day in New England. Great day for football! It was especially cool because it was my birthday, and I watched with my sister and brother-in-law at their house. Detailed post on birthday fun coming soon! ;)

The Patriots hung a 50 burger on Jacksonville! :) Tom threw for his 400th and 401st touchdown passes. He is only one of four quarterbacks to read No. 400 in the history of the NFL.

The Patriots offense was nearly flawless. On nine possessions of the ball, they scored nine times. A few times were field goals instead of touchdowns, but they were still points on the board. The running game was front-and-center this week, and LeGarrette Blount had 3 touchdowns, a career high for one game, and Dion Lewis had 1.

Everyone was pretty sharp, Matthew Slater sniffing out a fake punt by Jacksonville and blowing it up, and the defense did well. Of course there is still plenty of room for improvement, but I’ll let the coaches worry about that! :)

The Patriots are on an early bye next week so they won’t be playing. This week they top the division at 3-0, and the Bills won but the Jets and Dolphins lost.

New England 3-0
Buffalo 2-1
Miami 1-2
NYJ 1-2
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