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Birthday Plans

Yay, my sister invited me over to her house tomorrow to watch the Pats/Jaguars game. She's going to spring for lunch and I'll get some cool birthday goodies. Tomorrow is gonna be FUN!!! :)

I already got a birthday gift of BunnyGirl treating me to one of the local fairs. She paid for my admission and bought me ice cream! ;) We also went to lunch after and I had baked haddock, saffron rice, and broccoli. We both shared garlic bread for our appetizers and Bunny had minestrone soup for her meal. She also gave me a Star Trek-themed card, which was awesome sauce, of course! :)

G'night, all! I'll try and get on-line sometime tomorrow. Monday for sure! :)
Tags: birthday, family, food, football, friends, new england patriots, rl, sister
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