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(Preseason) Week 1: Green Bay Packers 22, New England Patriots 11 (0-1) (Thursday, August 13, 2015)

(Preseason) Week 1: Green Bay Packers 22, New England Patriots 11 (0-1) (Thursday, August 13, 2015)

Tom was fresh back from New York and his hearing in front of a Federal judge as he's suing the NFL to lift his suspension. The judge asked the NFL: "Where is the evidence linking Mr. Brady to deflation of the footballs?" The NFL lawyer had to respond, "There is none, sir." So at least at this point in time, things are looking good for Tom. :)

He received huge ovations whenever he took the field: warm-ups, coming out with the team to start the game, coming out to lead the offense. He played two series. Results were not great but no one from the first-string offense was playing except him. His back-up, Jimmy Garoppolo, got the majority of the snaps and did not look sharp, but his weapons were pretty reduced in this first game as the first team was on the sideline. Hopefully he will improve.

The score really means nothing in a preseason game. It's what individual players show in one-on-one battles and what the offense, defense and special teams show for execution. The team looked rusty, but so did Green Bay. Since the last CBA was bargained, less practices in full pads means more injuries and rustiness in preseason games.

Tom still doesn't know if he's suspended four games or not come Opening Night. The whole thing is so ridiculous that even some of the Patriot haters are raising eyebrows. Yeesh!
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