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No Superpowers? No Problem! (LSH, The Batman) (October 27, 2007)

 Legion of Super Heroes (Episode 5), The Batman (Episode 3--Repeat) (October 27, 2007) 

The WB tripped us up this week!  They repeated the Green Arrow episode of The Batman, but gave us a new episode of the Legion.  And next week both will be new, with the Flash as the guest star in Gotham!  J

Ollie was so impressed by Bruce’s set-up, wouldn’t it be cool if he came back with a certain sidekick, too?  J  


Wow, either they increased the number of episodes this year, or they plan to throw out the new ones at us quickly and then kill us with repeats forever.


I do like that concept of Count Vertigo affecting Dick first.  How frightening it must be for a boy with perfect balance to lose it!


As for the new LSH, ‘our’ Superman was featured, helping Chameleon Boy feel better after getting a dressing-down from Cosmic Boy (who must be bucking for the Legion dickery award.  I prefer Grayson with my dickery, but that’s just me.  ;) ).  I loved the idea of Clark going undercover and whipping all comers, stepping out of the ring and giving Karate Kid the win.  Karate Kid was delightful, and who else thought of two very dear friends of our favorite Kryptonian when he touted Karate Kid because even without superpowers, hard work and determination can get you far?  ;)


It was a good, interesting episode that taught the Legion some lessons, and Clark was wonderful and adorable throughout the entire story!  J    

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