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Evil Lana & Hollywood Angst!

Smallville "Action" (Season 7) (Episode 5) (October 25, 2007) 

Wow, what can I say about this episode? 


First off, I guess Clark needs money to allow a Hollywood company to invade the farm!  I guess he hasn’t figured out going to the nearest coal mine and squeezing out a few diamonds.  ;)


Poor Chloe was trying to be so brave after her break-up with Jimmy, and I wonder if she’ll continue that if Jimmy gets involved with Kara, as there was definitely interest and chemistry between those two.


I liked Lois’ scene with her boss.  Yeah, he definitely would be her arm candy, not the other way around!  J


The Clex scene was a good one.  Lex was bitter and talking about life no longer being black-and-white (a jab at Clark’s moralizing) but Clark kept quiet, and it was a telltale action that he came to Lex for something like this at all!  He remembered Lex’s interest in Warrior Angel, and Lex is such a fanboy!  J  Keeping all the issues in plastic and hidden away.  He talks about cynicism, but he still keeps the collection until giving it to Ben in exchange for information, which, Ben did not give him!  Protecting the hero still even while in Belle Reve.  Hope he enjoys the comics, at least.  J


I find the script and comic schism interesting.  Does this mean that even though Lana never died in the comics (or at least not that I know of, though with DC lately, who can tell?) and Clark moved beyond her on to Superman and Lois, that we’ll see Lana die in the Smallville version and that sends him off to the Arctic?  I hope not, as Lana being the long-lost dead love would make me want to hurl, quite frankly, and besides, I like Evil Lana! I hope that Clark dumps her evil ass when he finds out she's just as manipulative and a liar as Lex ever was.  No swooning, no mooning, just disillusionment.  Back with Lex !  :)


I smiled and said, “Yeah!” when she turned out to be Lionel’s kidnapper.  Naturally he figured it out but I also like him realizing that Lana is not the mate for Clark (his son is, but he would never see that).


Poor Lex.  Growing up with Lionel as a father has to have had some effect on his personality!  He was there to save Lionel and saying, “I never gave up on you” and what does Lionel do?  Ask Lex why he’d kidnapped him!  Real belief in your son there, Dad.


I have to wonder if Tom Welling was a tad uncomfortable with the obsessed fan plot, as I’m sure he’s met a few in his time.


Clark doesn’t know many movies or never read comics?  I don’t see that at all.  In fact, with the lack of friends he had due to the Kents keeping him isolated on the farm for his safety, I’d say movies and comics would have been more likely to have been a big part of his childhood.  Weird.


Lex wanted to find out more about Clark and is still obsessed about Kara.  So until he is gone next season, he’ll still be very active in Clark’s life.


I like that!  ;)


Oh, and the cape given to him by the actress?  Kinda hokey, but you know, I liked that scene with the inspiring music, etc., etc.  I like foreshadowing of what there is to come for Clark, though it’s a pity we’ll never actually see him in cape and tights.  He’d look good, too!         

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