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(Review) The Flash 1x20

Whoops! Forgot to review The Flash finale! :)

The Flash 1x20

Okay, I can understand Barry wanting to go back and save his mother and free his father. I think I would have done the same thing. I couldn't stand the thought of my father rotting away in prison for something he didn't do! And the original timeline had been messed with by Harrison Wells (sorry, I don't remember his real name, and besides, he'll always be Harrison to me!). So Barry was going back to correct a grievous wrong. Except that he didn't.

So, we have Eddie committing suicide to erase Harrison from existence. That was tough to watch! And a convenient way for the writers to ditch Eddie because Iris is destined to be with Barry.

But, an odd thing: if Harrison was erased from existence, why wasn't Nora Allen alive? Why wasn't Barry's father out of prison, never having gone in the first place? Could Harrison still be around, somewhere, somewhen? Because if Harrison never existed, Barry's parents would be alive and free, right?

So I'll be interested in seeing what answers next season brings.

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