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(Reviews) The Flash 1x18, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x19, Arrow 3x19

The finales are on the horizon! :)

The Flash 1x18

So we finally get the confrontation with Harrison Wells, though the main confrontation is yet to come. I’m not sure if Barry will ever be able to get his father out of prison. At this point, if I was his father, I’d opt for my son getting me out and going on the run. Even looking over his shoulder is bound to be better than the rest of his life in prison.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x19

Slam-bang action this week! And Grant Ward is laughable. Surely he doesn’t think that his former colleagues are going to fall for his act a second time? Sociopaths manipulate. That’s what they do! He might appear to care for Agent 33 (poor woman is totally bamboozled) but it’s unlikely. Sociopaths can only mimic emotions. Grant will continue to be a wild card. Glad they saw right through him, though.

It does look as if May has her doubts about Coulson. A pity. I kind of like the trope that no matter what, there are certain people who will always believe in certain other people. May and Coulson looked like a couple of those people, but it’s only human to doubt.

Fitz will eventually forgive Mac but never Ward. And why should he? And thank heavens that Skye is showing no signs of falling for Grant’s act again. How many times have we seen a strong, capable woman lose her faculties when it comes to a man? Let’s hope she stays firm on this point.

Loved Maria’s expression and Phil's agreement when Phil said that Gonzalez makes decisions by vote! :)

Arrow 3x19

Loved the scene between Laurel and Nyssa as Laurel introduces Nyssa to American hamburgers and shakes! Fries, too. ;) Nyssa truly was happy here in America so of course it couldn’t last. I did like Diggle, Felicity and Thea standing with Laurel to defend Nyssa.

The Canary Cry! I would prefer a biological reason but I’ll take tech. It’s a formidable weapon.

I wonder if Nyssa thinks being married off to Oliver is a fate worse than death. He’s as cold as stone now, and if she’s lesbian and not bi, I can’t imagine her thrilled with being his brood mare. Though I wonder if Ra’s ‘last-minute’ idea was merely a way to allow him to keep his daughter alive in an acceptable way.

Ollie really crossed the line by kidnapping John’s wife. Luckily she’s an A.R.G.U.S. agent and can be just as badass as her hubby! :)

Glad to see Thea in the action instead of just curling up in a ball. She doesn’t have a history of that, though who would blame her?

This whole Ollie-as-Demons’-Head storyline is not thrilling me. It just seems off. Probably because it’s tailored for Bruce, not Ollie.

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