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Fic: Strange Brew (4/9)

Title: Strange Brew (4/9)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Linda/Barbara, Eloise McCaffrey, Devin Maxson, Steve/Diana, Arthur Curry, Zatanna, Ollie/Dinah (Also, see Author’s Note below)
Category: Drama
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: Zatanna hosts a Halloween Ball in order for the superhero and magickal communities to learn more about each other in a relaxed setting.
Summary: As the party progresses, the superheroes learn the extent of the hostility toward them from some of the Witches.
Date Of Completion: October 9, 2007
Date Of Posting: October 24, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1769
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: Written for the 2007 Fic/Art DCU Halloween Challenge run by me!  :)
This story will feature many pairings (even threesomes!) but two of the primary pairings are Clark/Bruce and Dick/Roy, and the early chapters are pre-slash.
Challenge Prompts: I used so many they are too long to list, but I’ll list my Special Prompt: Love Potion! ;)
All chapters can be found here. 





Clark smiled.  Bruce had chosen the perfect costume: rich industrialist with a knack for creating gadgets to help him in his fight against crime, and somehow armor seemed fitting, too.


Clark was enjoying himself immensely.  He loved the food and the cranberry punch was tasty.  He was having a good time trying to guess people’s real identities among the superhero community without using X-ray vision, and was pleased to talk with various members of the magickal community.


Most of all, he was pleased to be alone with Bruce for the moment.


Bruce had designed his metallic mask to open the lower half so that he could eat and drink without a fuss.  He was drinking mead, the goblet only half-full.  His blue eyes were watchful through the slits in the mask.


“Daredevil was a perfect choice for Dick.”


Bruce nodded. “Alfred and I could never keep him from cartwheeling off the furniture when he was growing up.” He paused as he brought the goblet to his lips. “For that matter, we still can’t.”


Clark laughed.  He watched a smiling Dick talking with Roy, Linda, and Barbara.  Two of the Witches dressed as Hermione and Ron drifted over to join them.


& & & & & &


Diana was speaking with McGonagall, Snape, and Lucius Malfoy by the buffet table.  Malfoy was saying, “Do you really think that it’s a good idea to get chummy, Princess?  Those who use magick really have no need of superheroes.”


“I disagree, Mr. Malfoy.  While magick is certainly a powerful tool, there are times when superheroes can be of immense help.”


Diana felt the presence of the God of Thunder suddenly behind her and smiled to herself.  She and Steve had worked out a routine over the years at diplomatic functions and other gatherings whereby he would drift around the room collecting information.  It was easy for a man with the face of a model to be charming and to listen all at the same time, and he would also stand by her shoulder or a little behind her, watching and listening to the people whom she spoke to.  They would compare notes later and his observations and opinions helped her a great deal.  


Malfoy flipped his silver-haired tresses. “Anything a superhero can do, we can do better.”


Diana smiled. “Perhaps.  But Witches aren’t always without problems.”


“Maybe so, but what of your non-powered heroes?  That so-called Batclan, for instance.”


Diana’s smile remained in place but she answered, “I find it even more impressive when mortals display such incredible prowess.  Courage, too, as they rely on their wits and talents, not any powers.” She was certain that Steve was smiling behind her.


Malfoy sniffed, but McGonagall said, “Well said, Princess.” Her eyes sparkled. “And may I say your costume is quite fetching?”


Diana laughed. “Thank you, Minerva.”


& & & & & &


“What are you listening to?” Bruce asked as he finished his mead.


“Oh, just conversations here and there.” Clark cocked his head. “The doorbell’s going to ring.”


Ding dong!




Clark grinned as Zatanna opened the door, exclaiming over the children’s costumes, handing out small bags of candy corn and candy bars. 


Clark and Bruce strolled over to the buffet table, Dick and Roy pondering the different drinks.


“What’s this pink stuff?” Dick asked.


“I don’t know,” Clark admitted.  


McGonagall was choosing between the stew and the soup.  A light scent of patchouli mingled with the delicious food scents. “That’s Chimera Cider.”




She smiled. “It’ll be whatever you want it to be.”


Intrigued, Dick ladled the bubbling liquid into his goblet and drank. “Mmm, tastes like Cherry Coke.”


Roy was sipping his drink and shook his head. “No, it’s Molson’s beer.”


“It’s apple cider,” Clark said.


“Champagne,” Bruce said smugly.


McGonagall smiled.  She tapped her wand on her own goblet and it fizzed. “I take it I am talking to Supers, Bats, and Arrows?”


Impressed, Clark answered, “You’d be right, Professor McGonagall.”


The woman smiled again. “My title is Professor, but my name is Eloise McCaffrey.”


“Glad to meet you, Professor.  Where do you teach?”


“At a place very much like Hogwarts, actually.”


Surprised but interested, the superhero foursome listened to Eloise tell some stories.


& & & & & &


Zatanna was pleased to see the group.  Eloise was a vocal supporter of better relations with the superheroes.


Her smile lessened as she saw Devin Maxson.  Dressed as Lucius Malfoy, he was very much in character.  He disliked mixing with non-Witches, and made no bones about it.


Well, too bad.  Both groups need each other, and we’ll work our way there.


She smiled as she saw Arthur, fresh from the sea. “Well, Prince Namor, what can I do for you?”


& & & & & &


Out in the gardens, Diana and Steve compared notes.


“Lucious Malfoy doesn’t seem too happy with us mere mortals,” Steve said with a wry smile.  He made an impressive picture with a goblet of mead in his hand, long blond hair flowing over his shoulders.


“Ah, but you’re a god, my dear,” Diana said, touching Steve’s cheek.


His blue eyes sparkled. “Gods and Amazons work well together.”


“And play well together,” she purred.


Steve saw the Black Widow slinking by in the moonlight and smiled into his goblet.  He took Diana’s hand and brushed his lips against her ear.


“Why don’t you talk with the Widow, m’dear, while I seek out the Silver Surfer?  I’ll rejoin you later.”


She squeezed his hand. “Always first in my heart, Beloved.”


He kissed her before he left, then smiled and nodded at Dinah as he left in search of Hal.


& & & & & &


The group standing by the Chimera Cider refilled their goblets.  Bemused, they were enjoying the magic drink when Devin Maxson joined them.


“Good evening, gentlemen.  I was curious, Captain America, how you came by that choice of costume.”


“Ah, well, Mr. Malfoy, I’d say it was a choice that was comfortable for me,” said Clark. 


Actually, he had been a little uncomfortable at first, since Cap was such a symbol of America, but Linda and his parents had been delighted, saying that he was already such a symbol as Superman.  Feeling better about it, he had endured Bruce’s teasing but felt completely confident.


“Really?” Devin raised an eyebrow. “Do you consider yourself a symbol of this arrogant country?”


Taken aback, Clark answered, “At times I’d say I have served as a symbol.  And, yes, America can be arrogant at times, but her people are good at heart.  The Government?” He shrugged. “That can be a totally different story.”


I grew up in the heartland, and I know the human heart for good and bad.  Most people are decent human beings.


Devin sniffed. “It matters little, I suppose.  The doings of mortals are without value.  They strive for a legacy, and yet leave nothing but war and misery.”


“So the magickal community is without such things, then?” asked Bruce, his voice nearly unreadable except to Clark.  His expression was well-hidden behind Iron Man’s mask.


Devin frowned slightly.  Obviously he was feeling at a disadvantage by the implacability of the mask. “We’ve been as childish in the past.”


“Not anymore?”


A slight quirk of the mouth matched Devin’s condescending tone. “We are not the Harry Potter universe, Iron Man.”


Clark sensed Bruce bristle under the tone, and noticed Dick stiffen.  His eyes were hidden by white lenses, but Clark could guess at the flash of fire in them.  Roy wore a mask with his eyes unhidden, and green fire sparked.


“No, we are not, Devin, but we are hardly a utopia.” Eloise resembled the screen version of Minerva McGonagall: in her fifties with straggly brown hair in a bun but possessing  highly intelligent brown eyes. 


Clark sipped his cider.  He kept hold of the round stars-and-stripes shield, the weight light for once such as him.  He would have liked to knock the shield off Devin’s head.  He disliked snobs.


Devin waved his hand airily. “This world is a mess!  Our world has order.” Pale violet eyes gleamed. “Does anyone think that living in the mortal world is better than the magickal?”


“I don’t think we know enough about the Witch world to make that judgment,” said Dick smoothly. 


Clark was pleased.  Dick was good at diplomacy, and a smile curved Roy’s lips.


Devin sneered, “Ignorance seems to be the way of things here.”


“Devin, there is no call to be rude,” snapped Eloise.


He looked at her, then bowed slightly. “Of course.  My apologies.”


Clark couldn’t help but notice that the apology was directed to Devin’s fellow Witch, and not to them.


“I simply cannot help myself.  To think that a being such as Superman, for instance, worries himself with petty mortal concerns!”


“Seems like it’s more character-positive than a flaw,” Bruce said with that neutral tone again. 


Again, Devin frowned. “But he is the most powerful non-magickal being on Earth.  Surely he finds it draining to save cats from trees and other nonsense.”


“I think he does more than that,” Bruce said dryly.


“So you say.”


Zatanna was right about the gulf between communities, Clark thought.  Did people really think this way in her world?


That’s not exactly right.  The superhero world is hers, too.


He understood about having one foot in each of two different worlds and not quite belonging in either.


“I think, Mr. Maxson, you might find that given the chance, mortals can surprise you.” Bruce’s anger was not heard by anyone except Clark and Dick, and Roy had a pretty good idea that it was under the bland tone.


Devin smirked. “Mayhaps.  I will leave you to the Chimera Cider, gentlemen.  A truly wonderful magickal drink.”


He strode away with a swirl of cape, and Eloise said with an apologetic smile, “Sorry for that, gentlemen.  Some of the Witch community do not trust or respect yours, partly because of what has happened in the past, but partly due to their own ignorance and stubbornness.”


“No need to apologize, Ms. McCaffrey,” Bruce said smoothly.


She smiled, leaving with grace but without the haughtiness of Devin Maxson.


“Whew,” Roy said.


“Quite full of himself,” Bruce added.


Clark laughed. “Luckily, we don’t have anyone like that in the superhero community, hmm?”


Dick, Roy and Clark all laughed as Bruce snorted.


“I need some air,” Bruce said as he headed for the gardens, a fresh goblet in hand.


Clark followed, and Dick and Roy smirked at each other as they headed to talk to Linda and Barbara.           






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