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(Reviews) The Flash 1x13, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x13, Arrow 3x14

Hi, luvs! Hope you're enjoying the first day of spring. It's snowing here. ;)

Some exciting episodes this week!

The Flash 1x13

Wow, talk about a low play, Iris! Making Linda and Eddie feel excluded on their own dates. If you’re so hung up on Barry, just break it off with Eddie and go for Barry. I can’t stand games like that.

I was momentarily shocked by Cisco’s murder, but then said to myself, “So what? No one ever stays dead in comics” and, yep, they gave us the out almost right away: Barry going back in time. He’ll save Cisco before anyone even knows he’s dead in the future.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x13

Whatever these people are supposed to be, Marvel’s mutants or Inhumans, they aren’t making much a case for themselves. What a loathsome group. Even the woman with the razor fingernails callously kills an innocent guard. And was everyone at the athletic field dead? It seemed to indicate that’s the case with the birds falling like stones out of the sky. Though if they were dead, Phil would know it and there would be nothing to hold over his head. Well, it wouldn’t surprise me as contemporary entertainment seems obsessed with a bloodthirsty body count.

Skye should have gone with Sif. Can S.H.I.E.L.D. really figure out how to save her? Will she end up with the mysterious group who took Rayna and others? This has turned into a Heroes rip-off.

And there’s another S.H.I.E.L.D. out there? Another faction who is going against Fury’s hand-picked successor? And what makes Bobbi and Mac think those stuffed shirts are any better than Phil and May?

Arrow 3x14


I thought that Nyssa training Laurel was the way to go all along! They established a mutual respect and Laurel clearly needs more training. Nyssa is the perfect teacher. She’ll be tough but care about her pupil. And I felt sorry for her as Ra’s cavalierly cast her out. Why shouldn’t she be enraged that he is turning to Ollie instead of his own daughter to succeed him?

Poor Nyssa. No chance of a romance with Sara’s sister. DC would never allow an established hero to enter a lesbian relationship. Sara was a character created for the show, not a comic book star since the Golden Age. Oh, well, fanficcers, rev your engines! ;)

And it’s fitting that Laurel not be trained by Ollie. In the comics, she was an established superhero in her own right when she met him (she had her own feature since the 1940s). In pre-Crisis DC, she lived on Earth-2 and was a member of the JSA. When the worlds discovered their existence, the JLA and JSA held annual get-togethers and she got to know Ollie through those. She decided to leave Earth-2 and start fresh, depressed over the death of her husband, Larry Lance.

It made sense. She was going to a world much like her own (the Trinity was the same) with differences such as the newspaper of record being the Daily Planet instead of the Daily Star and different versions of the heroes she knew (Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, etc.) and different heroes all together (Elongated Man, Martian Manhunter, etc.). The Trinity was also all happily married on Earth-2 and the wedded bliss might have hurt her after her loss. She and Ollie began a romance and the rest was history.

This week I was firmly in Felicity’s corner. Enough with the angsting, Ollie! What have you accomplished? A helluva lot more than party boy Queen would have!

I love Ollie, but I can’t help but put Bruce in his place during this League storyline. I miss the Bronze Age Ollie: brash, loud-mouthed but self-confident.

I KNEW it was a HUGE mistake to keep Sara's death from Quentin. He had a right to know!

I missed what Ra’s replied when Ollie asked what would happen if he refused the offer but can guess the usual threats. I also missed what Ollie saw in Ray’s office but figured passionate kissing was involved. ;)

Argh, poor Roy! Thea’s so messed up. She’s going to hurt you again, kid.

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