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(Reviews) Agent Carter 1x7, Arrow 3x14

Agent Carter 1x7

Ah, a fitting ending: Howard piloting a plane destined for tragedy, until Peggy pulls him out his hypnotic state. And poor Jarvis, facing the necessity of blowing his employer out of the sky!

I knew that Dottie wasn't dead! Someone like her doesn't go easily. The fight between her and Peggy was exciting. Appears Peggy can more than hold her own against a Black Widow.

Poor Sousa. He's a lovesick sort but a good guy.

What a grand residence she and Angie share now! Pretty fancy digs, ladies! :)

I do like the relationship between Peggy and Howard: friends instead of lovers and bonded by their love for Steve, though they knew each other before Steve came into their lives, so there was already something there.

Will we see more of Agent Carter in the future?


Malcolm's getting his just desserts. I suppose Ollie's right in saving him because of Thea but damned if he's worth the lives of Diggle and Ollie.

Thea likes to live dangerously, doesn't she? We'll see what Nyssa has in store for her.

I do like the scenes between Nyssa and Laurel. Some good fanfic material there. :)

Felicity, honey, how did you resist Ray for so long? ;)

I guess ATOM isn't going to miniaturize? ;)

Ugh, hate waiting 'til mid-March for this and The Flash to continue.

Tags: agent carter, arrow, black canary, edwin jarvis, green arrow, howard stark, john diggle, laurel lance, nyssa al-ghul, ollie queen, peggy carter, ray palmer/felicity smoak, the atom, thea queen
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