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(Reviews) The Flash 1x12, Agent Carter 1x6, Arrow 3x13

The Flash 1x12

Ooh, we're getting closer to the big showdown! Barry will go back in time and try and save his mother and we get...the Nu52? Noooooo!!!! ;)

Some very good stuff with Firestorm and the ending? Yikes! I almost feel sorry for that bad guy general with Gorilla Grodd coming to tear him limb-from-limb! Harrison Wells is a psychopath. *shivers*

Agent Carter 1x6

I'm always sad when a good man is killed off. Chief Dooley was a good guy. He just wanted to get back with the family he loved. Damn, that Dr. Ivchenko is evil!

Natasha is either very lucky or very strong (probably both). There's nothing left of Dottie. She's a complete automaton, simply a tool to be used by her masters. Empty except for a capacity for violence.

It was nice to see some of Peggy's co-workers believing her in the end.

Arrow 3x13

Malcolm sure is a piece of work, isn't he? He caused the death of that A.R.G.U.S. guard by releasing Slade, and he as no remorse whatsoever for putting Thea and Ollie in danger.

Nice to see Tommy again, even in flashback.

Thea, I love ya, hon, but do you really think you should be relentlessly jabbing at Ollie for answers while on the run for your life from Slade? Give it a rest! Now, do you feel better knowing you killed Sara? *sigh*

I guess the only good thing about Thea knowing is that she will never trust Malcolm again. I can't imagine her grief, and now she has to keep that knowledge from Laurel, another friend.

Is Quentin harsh with Laurel? Maybe, but I had the feeling he'd be royally ticked off when he learned what she'd been keeping from him. He needs time to process it all. :(

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