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Fic: The Age Of Heroes (4/4)

Title:  The Age Of Heroes (4/4) (Time’s Tides)
Author: BradyGirl 
Pairings/Characters: Superman/Batman/Robin (See Notes)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Character deaths
Spoilers: None
Summary: What happens to heroes, like the Old Gods and Goddesses, when they begin to 
fade away?

Date of Completion: December 13, 2006

Date Of Posting: January 14, 2007
All chapters can be found here.







Note: there are two versions of this manuscript.  This first version contains secret
identities and other details that are not in the second version.  This first version
will be encased in a special vault deep in (whited out) which may or may  not be
revealed a thousand years in the future, when everyone who might be affected by these
revelations are long gone, and their descendents hundreds of generations removed.  The
second version will be opened in a century, to pay tribute to the brave heroes who were
here for such little time on this Earth.






As I wrap up this part of the narrative, I ponder on what my mother and Diana have said,
and at the vagaries of Time.  For one shining, golden moment in time, a Camelot of
heroism, heroes began to appear and do their good deeds.  The flip side, of course, was
that the villains appeared at this time as well. 


We know the fate of the Joker, whether at the Batman’s hands or not.  As for others, it
would be logical to assume that they would run wild without superhero opposition.  But,
again in that odd convergence of Time’s tides, they began to disappear as well.  In fact,
Superman’s archenemy, Lex Luthor, dropped from public view.  He no longer seemed
involved in nefarious schemes, and was even rumored to have gone legitimate!  It was if
the challenge and the reason for his misdeeds was gone and he’d lost interest in the
supervillain game.  Other villains were either killed, imprisoned, retired or
disappeared.  Intergalactic villains seemed to lose interest in Earth once the
superpowered heroes were gone, and now our blue orb was once again simply a small planet in a quiet
galactic backwater.  The Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps will continue to watch
over Earth, but the man celebrated amongst hundreds of civilizations was gone, the
primary caretaker and defender of Earth, and those who assisted him were gone, too.


Now humans must depend completely on themselves again.  Some would say that’s a good
thing.  We’ll have to find our own solutions and won’t wait for gaily-colored costumed
heroes to save us, but I can’t help but think those heroes inspired people to do better.


Maybe it was time for them to go, like the Gods and Goddesses of old who, according to
Diana, still exist, but no longer have much intervention in human affairs.  Perhaps this
Golden Age of Heroes was necessary to show us the better angels of our nature, as
Lincoln once said, and we as a race have learned from that, and now we no longer need
them. Perhaps there can never be a Camelot except as a brief, shining moment.


But there is a part of me that will always wish to see that Batsignal shining in the sky,
or hear, “Look!  Up in the sky! It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s Superman!”




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