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Happy Valentine's Day!!! :)

Hi, luvs! Happy Valentine's Day! Love you all! :)

Today, of course you should send love to the people you care about, but give yourself a little love, too. We all are too hard on ourselves sometimes. Take a look at a story you wrote and say to yourself, "You know, that isn't half-bad." Same for art or anything else creative that you do.

I'm giving myself the gift of luxury of time today. No chores, just fun. I plan on attending a little Valentine get-together later and tomorrow is when I change decorations for St. Patrick's Day and spring. Decorations as in decorative figurines, stuff to hang on the walls, etc.

My mother was big on holidays and we always celebrated each one. She did extra for Halloween and Christmas (and even had a couple of ceramic turkeys for Thanksgiving!) but even smaller holidays like Valentine's Day saw ceramic angels with hand-painted hearts on their clothes and pretty stuff like a heart-shaped music box get center stage.

My dad was a smart man. He was always prepared every Valentine's Day with a big box of chocolates, red roses, and a nice card. He got little boxes of chocolates for my sister and me, too. :)

So have a great day! We are preparing for another blizzard here starting tonight. Situation normal. ;)
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