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(Reviews) The Flash 1x12, Agent Carter 1x6, Arrow 3x13

The Flash 1x12

Some interesting detective work by Joe and Cisco. A pretty good reveal there at the end! And it was pretty heartbreaking to watch Caitlin and Ronny (he's definitely in there!).

Dating shenanigans! :)

Gorilla Grodd! :)

Agent Carter 1x6

Peggy as bad-ass as always! How will she get out of this pickle?

Loved Angie helping her out. Ha, men really can't handle a woman crying, can they? That hasn't changed no matter what era it is.

The Black Widow Kiss! Fortunately for Peggy, it only knocked her out and Dottie didn't have the chance to slit her throat.

Arrow 3x13

Do you know how refreshing that was for Thea to react with a "Thank you" to Ollie instead of chewing him out for lying to her? And thank goodness she doesn't trust Malcolm! Wise girl. Tough on her to see her one-night stand knocked off by Daddy Dearest. I love the siblings able to talk now and Ollie calling Thea 'Speedy'. :)

How sweet and protective is Roy, though willing to let Thea make her own choices now? Despite his hurt at seeing Thea go off with the deejay, he still followed her to keep her safe.

Yes! Felicity isn't grating on my nerves this week. She laid it out to Ollie that he was gone and they adapted. It's no longer simply obeying him. Though I highly doubt Bruce would allow such a mutiny! :)

Poor Laurel. It broke my heart to see her doused with Vertigo not once but twice and forced to tell Quentin the truth about Sara. Man, that family has suffered.

Tags: agent carter, arrow, arsenal, barry allen, black canary, felicity smoak, joe west, laurel lance, malcolm merlyn, peggy carter, quentin lance, roy harper, speedy, the flash, thea queen
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