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(Reviews) The Flash 1x11, Agent Carter 1x5, Arrow 3x12

The Flash 1x11

Some exciting stuff here, with Hartley escaping after tricking Cisco and the tearjerker scenes between Barry and his dad. Funny stuff with Barry and Caitlin out on the town, and Barry meeting his new friend at the newspaper as Iris thinks he was there to meet her! Good to see Barry at least attempting to move on.

Agent Carter 1x5

Wow! Peggy at her most bad-ass! Loved seeing the Howling Commandos. Heh, Dum-Dum and his love for American bourbon. Thompson revealed his secret to Peggy and she was non-judgmental, and just the right person for him to tell. She's won hard-earned respect from the men at SSR. Pity the previews show it'll be short-lived by next week.

Even though I figured Dum-Dum would survive, I was nervous when he knelt down in front of the child, who we knew was trained to kill. They lost a guy on the mission, sad to say. :( It's the dirtiest pool to use children as killers.

How creepy was the glimpse into the Red Room/Black Widow program? Teaching young girls to break each other's necks? Naturally, the girl killed was friendly with her killer. It's a miracle that Natasha has any humanity left. And the creepiest thing of all? Dottie handcuffing herself to the bed each night, when she doesn't have to, but she's so brainwashed it feels like normal. *shudders* I'd like to see her go up against Peggy.

The Arrow 3x12

Nice to see Ollie back where he belongs. Some good Malcolm Merlyn stuff. He loved Tommy, but not enough to be a real father to him. He used the excuse of his wife's murder to commit murder. Sorry, I understand grief but if you become a murderer because of it, you're little better than the original killer. And now you've made Thea a killer, too.

Which brings me to Ollie's decision. Okay, he's in this situation of Ra's Al-Ghul coming after him because of Malcolm, but if the only way to save himself and Thea is to work with Merlyn, then he has to hold his nose and do it.

And that brings me to Felicity. She's been a favorite character of mine since she debuted and was for most of this season, but the last handful of episodes, she's really been grating on my nerves. I think it's the self-righteous attitude and calling everyone out and acting like she's too good for Ollie now. Principles are one thing, but unfortunately life doesn't always allow such niceties. In the crimefighting game, compromises are made every day.

Quentin now knows that Sara isn't the Black Canary, via Sara's friend telling him. How will he go forward with that knowledge? He doesn't look well, taking pills during the latest stress of being ordered to abandon the Glades.

I enjoyed seeing Roy and Laurel patrolling the Glades. And wasn't Roy referred to as the Red Arrow on a news report? Makes sense! I do like that name for him. He carried it in the comics for awhile, and with pride.

Shades of The Dark Knight Rises! Big street brawl but the only way to kick the vermin out is for everyone to fight.

Looking forward to next week's episodes! :)

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