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Super Bowl XLIX: New England Patriots 28, Seattle Seahawks 24 (3-0) (Sunday, February 1, 2015)

Super Bowl XLIX: New England Patriots 28, Seattle Seahawks 24 (3-0) (Sunday, February 1, 2015)


My boys did it! They got ring No. 4 for Tommy and it was a crazy game!

Tom now has 4 Super Bowl rings as a starting quarterback, tied with Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw. He is the only starting quarterback with 6 Super Bowl appearances. He passed Joe Montana for most Super Bowl touchdowns (13, with 4 last night) and threw 20 complete passes in the first half, a Super Bowl record.

Julian Edelman was sparkling, Gronk fantastic, and JoJo LaFell did his part. Darrelle Revis, Brandon Browner, Devin McCourty and LeVar Arrington were stellar for most of the game (some gaffes, but the same could be said of the offense). Undrafted rookie Malcolm Butler made the game-winning interception at the very end. Whew! Wasn't looking good there for a bit! :)

Bill Belichick ties Chuck Noll of the Steelers for most Super Bowl wins as a Head Coach. He has two other rings as a Defensive Coordinator for the Giants.

Rob Ninkovich, Jamie Collins, Vince Wilfork, Shane Vereen...the list goes on and on as guys 'did their job'. And, man, was it sweet that Roger Dodger (Goodell) had to hand the Lombardi Trophy to Robert Kraft, his old buddy who he left to twist in the wind for two weeks. Kraft barely spoke to him. Oh, and there's been a recent report that the deflated footballs were at the minimum after all, only one below standard. I doubt that will be leading the evening news, eh? The haters are stewing in their own bile!

I love Manning Face when Peyton Manning effs up or reacts to his teammates' mistakes, and now there's Sherman Face. The Seahawks were celebrating a little early with nine minutes to go. Tsk, tsk! It ain't over 'til it's over, boys!

Tom said he learned who his friends were these past weeks. I think he was shocked at the amount of hate and venom directed at him and he's never been an a-hole like some stars. He had a cold and looked absolutely wrung out at the end of the game. The Arizona weather was taking a toll on everyone.

You can bet the team wanted to win this one not just for themselves, but for Tommy and Bill. They saw what had happened last week and they must have gotten fed up. It must feel extra-good this morning to wake up as Super Bowl champs.

It's a big question as to why the Seahawks just didn't give the ball to Marshawn Lynch at the end instead of throwing it. That's a puzzler, all right!

It's snowing like crazy here and we don't care. :) The parade may have to be delayed a day, but get the duckboats out! There will be a parade again through the city of Boston, my friends! Whoo hoo! *dances joyfully*
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