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(Reviews) The Flash 1x10, Agent Carter 1x4, Arrow 3x11

The Flash 1x10

I enjoyed the introduction of the Pied Piper and all of his relationships with his brainy colleagues. And if the team thinks Harrison Wells has come clean about everything, think again! The episode was fast-paced and kept my interest. This show has improved every single week!

Agent Carter 1x4

This episode was a little more lighthearted in moments but had its share of drama. I loved Peggy reading Howard and Jarvis the riot act. They deserved it, though Jarvis is always stuck between a rock and a hard place as Howard is his employer.

Ha, ballet dancer, indeed! This could get interesting. And I liked seeing more of the boarding house. Very bright and clean place. I'm sure that dumbwaiter gets a lot of use. ;)

Thompson is a jerk, but he was able to get the homeless vet to talk. And his honesty with Peggy was a bit refreshing. No man is going to consider her an equal, not in 1946. Except the Howlin' Commandos! ;)

Arrow 3x11

A bit disappointing to see Laurel as pretty incompetent as the Canary, but it makes sense. Ollie and Sara had years of ninja training, Diggle had years of combat experience and military training, and even Roy had experience on the streets and a few years of training by Ollie and Diggle. If I were them, I'd refuse to go out with her because she's a liability. She needs more training. I wonder if Nyssa will hear of the return of the Black Canary and come to Star City? Once she gets over her anger at Laurel 'usurping' Sara's identity, would she give her special training?

I do wonder at Quentin's reaction to the lengths they are all going to keep him in the dark about Sara. He deserves the right to grieve for her. It's almost crossing over into the realm of cruelty now. And it must be killing Laurel!

Glad to see Felicity back on board. And Ollie recovering! And Thea is suspicious. Good!

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