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It's Super Bowl Week!!!

It's Super Bowl Week!!! :)

Very exciting around here as Tom and the boys will get a proper send-off to Arizona tomorrow and the local sports talk radio and TV stations are sending staff to cover everything for a week. It's been a maelstrom surrounding the Patriots all week, but the team has endured distractions before and come out blazing, so we'll see if that's true on Sunday. I have an invitation to a small party which suits me just fine. When it's my team in the Big Game, I don't want the distractions of a big party. I want to watch every snap! :)

Naturally anything I say to readers of this journal will be interpreted as bias for the Pats, so let me just say step back and objectively eye the media coverage this past week if you're a non-Pats fan. The amount of venom fueled by hate and envy was truly astounding. Also lots of double standards: Aaron Rodgers openly admitted to wanting his footballs inflated to above the mandated psi, and everyone just laughed that off a few weeks ago when CBS announcers talked about it. What is it about men and their balls? ;) Where are the people calling for his head? When coaches do something that would get people sharpening their knives for Belichick, such as brazenly tripping a player DURING PLAY, it's all laughed off. And so forth and so on.

The last thing I'll say about it all? A little story about Tom Brady's press conference on Thursday. Veteran reporters called it 'cringe-inducing' as their colleagues did not cover themselves with glory that day. They were like a pack of wild dogs snarling and shrieking Tom's name as they wanted blood. One worthy called him a liar. Another demanded that he apologize after he just denied any wrongdoing. They treated him as if he'd just knocked Giselle out cold in an elevator or beat one of his kids bloody with a switch! Actually, it was worse, because the press conferences for Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson did not resemble the villagers storming the castle with torches and pitchforks.

They asked the same question for half the time and kept receiving the same answer. Persistence is one thing, but this was ridiculous! One local representative badgered him about integrity. This reporter was fired several years ago from the Boston Globe for plagiarism (the ultimate journalistic sin) and openly despises Bill Belichick. His articles are so slanted against Belichick that he's now a joke among New England sports fans. Why the Boston Herald hired him a few years ago is beyond a head-scratcher, but just shows the lowered standards of that right-wing rag. He had enjoyed insider access with Belichick's predecessors, Pete Carroll and Bill Parcells, and Belichick took one look at the bullying weasel and cut off his access. The reporter has loathed him ever since.

Bullying is the right word, because that's exactly what he did to Pete Carroll in the late '90s at a press conference in Pete's last days as Head Coach of the Patriots. It's cringe-inducing to listen to as the reporter verbally bullied Pete to the point of making him look and sound like an impotent fool. He hastened his departure from New England as no player could ever respect Carroll after that. In another incident, he physically beat up a colleague who was several years older and used a cane to get around when they had a dispute.

So that is the caliber of reporter badgering Tom Brady about integrity.

I'm going to enjoy every second of this week and will be cheering like crazy next Sunday. :)


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Jan. 26th, 2015 02:01 am (UTC)
ITA about the press coverage of this deflation non-issue. The press has made such a muck-up of this, using anonymous sources and repeating other stories without verifying facts. (As in the original narrative that had the intercepting Colts player 'immediately noticing' the ball was deflated - not so!) And the number of people who can't accept that the change in temperature WILL result in a change in pressure is simply staggering. And that it is sole responsibility of the referees to ensure that the balls are at the proper pressure. And... Grrrrr!

This whole thing reminds me of The Newsroom. The deterioration in the standards of the press is so glaring.
Jan. 26th, 2015 03:44 pm (UTC)
The misreporting would be funny if it wasn't so disgusting. As you said, the player reported as noticing the ball was deflated came out and said, "Wasn't me!" The back-up QB for the Colts came on our local sports talk radio station and said the Colts consider this much ado about nothing. They got beat fair-and-square and they know it.

Bill Nye the Science Guy said that Bill Belichick's science is ridiculous and then says, "Go, Seahawks!" Guys like Jerome Bettis and Mark Brunell, who got beat soundly by the Pats, are leading the tar-and-feather brigade. Meanwhile, weaselly Roger Goodell continues to say nothing after Robert Kraft stuck up for him during his trial-by-fire last fall. Most QBs and other players think the whole thing is pretty ridiculous unless they have an ax to grind.

I love how Ray Lewis, a guy convicted of obstruction of justice in a double homicide, rants on about integrity of the game.

Edited at 2015-01-26 03:45 pm (UTC)
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