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(Reviews) The Flash 1x9, Arrow 3x10

The Flash 1x9

My favorite part? When Barry decided to move back in with Joe and they ordered pizza, LOL! Makes sense, as Joe already knows his secret and he doesn't have to sneak out when he needs to go into action.

Though I did like the action scenes and Captain Cold is a pretty cool villain. There! I said it! ;)

Arrow 3x10

I have to say I'm glad that Ray called Felicity out on what she said about Anna. Yes, Felicity is hurting and grieving but that doesn't give her the right to hurt Ray. I guess I'm just a little tired of people using their pain to lash out unfairly at others.

And letting those criminals get away with the records? Very irresponsible. I don't buy that argument all these people put up about crimefighting being so dangerous that they're likely to get killed. Yeah, that's possible, but so is going to a movie or to school these days with all the wackos out there with machine guns and Uzis. People really aren't safe anywhere anymore.

Loved Diggle's comment about being Ollie's bodyguard and feeling sad that he couldn't protect him.

I enjoyed seeing Roy and Diggle work together. Love Roy's red leather! And if their Mission is over because of no Oliver, that doesn't say much for Ollie, does it? Not much of an inspiration.

Brandon Routh does a very good acting job with his character. His unshed tears and quiet outrage over what Felicity said was perfectly played, as was his disappointment at her quitting.

I'm glad that Ollie is getting saved as a debt repaid by an old friend.

And, FINALLY, we see Laurel as Black Canary next week! Looks like if the guys are going to quit the hero game, she figures it's time to fill the void. It's always up to the women, isn't it? :)

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