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Writing Rambles

Writing is such a fascinating process. I’m part of a Gift Exchange and we make suggested prompts to help out our gifters. I could NOT get a story idea out of the prompts I was given and was about to e-mail my giftee to get new prompts or ask if I could just come up with something on my own within her parameters when inspiration hit! Now I’m close to 2500 words and still going. :)

I’m thinking of maybe trying something different for any Big Bangs I might sign up for next year. Instead of letting my Muses run wild and end up with 50,000 words, I might try and see if I can come up with something around the minimum of 10,000 words instead. But that’s all flying without a parachute because I really have no idea what I’ll have ready by sign-up time or even the glimmer of an idea.

I’d love to do a Steve/Diana story for the dcu_bang even though I wouldn’t get an artist or many readers, but the fun would be in the writing itself. It’s still a pretty unknown pairing after 28 years of non-existence (okay, the Reboot gave us a tease but broke them up before we saw any romance at all!). I am toying with possibly a Golden Age adventure but that’s all in the future.

Or maybe I'll do the marvel_bang, though I'm sure it'll collapse under its own weight after The Avengers 2: The Age Of Ultron comes out.

Right now I’ve got holiday ideas so I’m sticking with those. You will see at least one more story posted by me before year’s end and maybe a few more, depending on if my ideas pan out. I bet you’re all busy with your own holiday fanworks! :)
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