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(Reviews) The Flash 1x8, AOS 2x10, Arrow 3x9

Winter Finales!

The Flash 1x8

I liked the way they entwined the holiday into the story. It was good background and heightened the emotions. Though I have to say, Barry, not great timing telling Iris you love her! :) And no big surprise that Harrison Wells is Reverse Flash. Isn't his name Professor Zoom or something in the comics?

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x10

Okay, action-packed episode filled with emotion: finding out that Skye's mother was the poor soul butchered by Whitehall, Skye's father's rage at Coulson for being denied his revenge, Skye not buying Ward's 'help' and shooting him (amazing how sociopathic Ward was surprised by her action), Bobbi and Hunter working together, Pseudo-May being creepy with that face and now under Ward's influence after Whitehall's death, but you know what? Get one back (Mack) and lose one (TRIPP!!!!!). Do you know how bummed out I was when Tripp died? I KNEW he was doomed when it was just him and Skye and Maya in that alien chamber (It's always the black guy, amirite?). What a waste! What did he die for? Nothing! I really, REALLY hate his loss.

Arrow 3x9

Very good mid-season finale. We discover Sara's killer and surprise, Merlin set his own daughter up to be killed by the League because that little plan could easily have gone awry and Ollie not be able to take the blame. We see loss and more loss, and Felicity touched by Ray's tale. What a lucky girl this stuff keeps happening to her! ;)

There's something very raw and real about Dinah telling Laurel to make Sara's killer suffer. And her instincts were realistic, too. Anyone with a mother knows how when they zero in, you're done! :) Didn't surprise me in the least that she guessed the truth that quickly.

Gotta admit, the whole time Ollie was climbing the mountain and fighting with Ra's I'm thinking This is Bruce's gig! *sighs* Anyway, pretty shocking resolution to the duel even though you know Ollie will survive. When he got his throat cut, I gasped, and it wasn't too great to see him skewered, either. Who will be his rescuer? I'd like to think Nyssa because she doesn't believe he's Sara's killer or Maseo.

Gee, I know Agent Carter looks like a rockin' series (and I totally plan to watch), but no Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. until MARCH?!!!

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