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Week 14: New England Patriots 23, San Diego Chargers 14 (10-3) (Sunday, December 7, 2014)

Week 14: New England Patriots 23, San Diego Chargers 14 (10-3) (Sunday, December 7, 2014)

FREEZING here today. Never got much higher than 34 degrees! Brrrr!!!

Okay, yesterday's game: a hard-fought contest between the Pats and Chargers in San Diego. The Pats offense had trouble against the San Diego defense and were held to field goals in their trips to the red zone in the first half with the exception of a Gronk TD. A turnover gave the Chargers their second TD of the night. It looked pretty grim for our heroes until the second half.

After a brutal third quarter (I drifted in and out, it was so difficult to watch. Hey, I was tired!) where the Pats kept going three-and-out, they finally woke up in the fourth quarter and Julian Edelman had a fantastic touchdown run. Go, Jules! :) Tom was really fired up on the sidelines throughout this game. The Chargers couldn't muster up any offense at all, and their punter got taken out on a blocked punt (he's got a broken clavicle).

LeGarrette Blount showed excellent running, and Jonas Gray came out of the doghouse to contribute, too. :)

The Patriots stayed all week in San Diego and practiced and did their usual thing (meetings, etc.). They enjoyed great weather and some team bonding and a change of scenery. Good job, gentlemen! :)

All the other teams in the division lost, so the standings look like this:

NE 10-3
BUFF 7-6
Miami 7-6
NYJ 2-11

The Pats retained their position as the No. 1 seed and it's looking good for the playoffs. They have three games left, all against their division opponents. Next week: the Miami Dolphins come to Foxboro!
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